50 Essential Tips To Building A List 1

Online Email MarketingIf you have taken the challenge to immerse your business into the world of ecommerce, then you know what it takes to drive traffic to your website. 
You strive for a growing client base that will make purchases from you and return again and again for repeat business.
When you have a list of loyal customers who have already bought from you, you can work to expand this list thus grow your business. 

As you begin to formulate your list, you are developing a list of customers on whom you can count for sales; this is the ideal business climate.

It is important to remember that the quality of the list you build is much more important than the quantity of names on your list.  Building this list is an easy and effective way to affect your bottom line, but it will take a little time and research.  You will reap more sales and leads if you spend the time gathering clients whom you think will respond to your offers and advertisements. This is a tool that you can make work for you if you use the proper techniques.

  1. Get started today. Don’t put off any longer your list building task. This tool can cut down on the time you spend promoting your business and contacting clients.  Make no more excuses; get to work immediately!
  2. Start with patience.  When you come across your first obstacle, do not give up.  You can overcome any setback that you encounter.  The method in which you handle early problems may be an indicator of how you will handle future problems in your business as it develops.
  3. Be persistent.  List building is an effort that will take time to reach your goals.  By putting more and more effort into list building, you will reap benefits that will surpass your expectations.
  4. Focus on quality. Just because you have a long list of names doesn’t mean that they will respond to your offers.  You want high quality users who will make purchases perusing your website.
  5. Find the right source for your traffic.  You have to target the right people and bring them to your website. Establish trust with these clients and encourage them to spread the word to their families and friends. Once you find a source that works well for you, use this resource to expand your list building.
  6. Examine the “list buying” option.  It is important to rememberthat with buying your list you will not have a personal relationship that connects to this list. This might remove the personal touch that you want to promote.  The purchased list is not really your own and can be a detriment to building quality clients.
  7. Use multiple sources to build your list.  The most effectively built list will come from using a variety of sources.  Your goal is to drive responsive traffic to your website; you can’t just hope people show up and find they are in dire need of your product.
  8. Develop a budget.  Know before you even start building your list how much capital you have to spend in this part of your business strategy.  Consider all elements that are expensive and those programs that are cost-efficient. Stick to your budget or at the end of your list building process you may find that you have limited funds with which to continue.
  9. Use an autoresponder such as AWeber or GetResponse.  With these autoresponders, you can send out mass emails that will promote your business and reach a multitude of clients easily and quickly.

10. Follow up immediately after someone decides to add their name to your list. Hesitation may lose a potentially valuable client.

11. Send out emails to your clients every 3 or 4 days. Don’t inundate them with a myriad of messages.  Keep connected and provide the valuable information they are seeking.

12. Send out informational emails. With these emails, you will share with them a how-to procedure or give them a tip on how to better perform a specific task.

13. Send out promotional emails. These emails will give information on a specific product and how you are promoting this product with a sale or discount.  You are trying to sell them something.

14. Keep a good balance between informational emails and promotional emails.  Experts suggest that you send 1-2 promotional emails for every 3-4 informational emails you send. This keeps the client well-informed and targets them for the deals that you are offering as well.

15. Encourage communication from your clients by conducting a survey.  This will elicit a response that keeps them involved with you and can generate conversations that result in additional names to your list building efforts.

16. Get a response from clients by asking open-ended questions.  You can choose a topic related to your business that will cause a great discussion and involve many clients.  The more a client becomes involved, the more likely they are to buy and to share information with others.  This dialog can also assist in building your list.

17. Ask questions of your clients. Pose situations that you can adequately answer in less than 48 hours and that can cause clients to communicate with you and others on your list. You can solve dilemmas they may be experiencing. All of this communication builds trust which is demanded by savvy consumers.

18. Use Pay-Per-Click.  This method is a popular method of driving traffic.  It’s really fast and targets the audience for whom your business is designed. Remember to keep in mind your budget with this method because it is expensive. 

19. Consider Solo Ads or Ezine Ads.  These are newsletters sent out to hundreds of thousands of subscribers and can generate a lot of traffic for you to build your list.  See if your budget will allow you to explore this possibility.

20. Think about Facebook ads. These ads will be very costly but can provide contacts as you build your list.  Facebook has thousands of users but remember to consider the quality you might gather from this method.

21. Try ad swaps.  With this free method, you will swap email lists with another marketer; he will promote your business and you will promote his.  You agree on a date to exchange links.  This can access a large number of leads with which to build your own list.

22. Write an article on a blog as a guest and include a link to your business.  This is a free and easy way to drive traffic to your site.  Provide a quality post and this can capture the attention of clients who become interested in additional information that you might provide to them.

23. Have more subscription boxes available on your site.  You can place them wherever you want. Try to choose a location that will draw attention and look professional.

24. Offer free gifts.  People are drawn to freebies and studies show that these are unique and useful in getting people to respond to your site.  This can dramatically increase your numbers and will enable you to achieve effective list building from this volume of traffic.

Following 2nd Part with remaining 25 essential tips, stay tuned!!

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