50 Essential Tips To Building A List 2

Mailing ListSecond part of 50 Essential Tips To Building A List report.

  1. Provide a product bonus.  With this method, you will locate a marketer who provides a service that will compliment the product bonus offer. Ask them to work with you to provide links to your site and you can do the same for him.
  2. Provide a teaser article. You will write a complete article on your product but only let the general traffic see a portion of it.  Use catchy lines to let the user know that they will have to come to your site to purchase the remainder of this excellent knowledge.
  3. Make a PDF. Take all of the information that you have on a topic related to your product and put that into a PDF which you can create easily with software as sodapdf online. Send this out to networks like Scribd.com and you will drive many users to your site to see what the excitement is about.
  4. Create a forum. This is a time-consuming method of list building but it can promote lively discussion and create an interest in you and your products. These forums tend to grow as more and more people become involved.
  5. Make a squeeze page that contains a newsletter. You can ask your subscribers to share it with their family, co-workers, and friends. This is a networking strategy that can travel the net and bring clients to add to your list building in great numbers.
  6. Pass it forward.  As you conclude some of your emails, ask your users to forward this information to colleagues and other contacts that they have.  If the client enjoys the product that you are providing, they will gladly forward these emails on to their lists. This will help you to build your list with clients who already have a positive attitude.
  7. Use affiliates.  Affiliates will enthusiastically send clients to your website if there is something in it for them.  It’s the “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” philosophy.  Reward them by offering them some free or reduced product.  A kind gesture in the competitive world of business will go a long way to develop relationships and networks on which you can count.
  8. Ask people with whom you come in contact in your daily internet business if you can add them to the list you are building. Don’t try to sell them products when you first meet them. Business relationships must be built like all other relationship are built: with trust, confidence, and authenticity. This is a wonderful way to get people to your site on a trial basis.
  9. Contact any professional organizations related to your product and ask for a member list from them.  Some may offer you member lists for a small fee or at no charge.  Once you have this list in your possession, you can contact the members with a professional letter inviting them to your site to view pertinent information specific to their trade and your product.  This is an excellent tool for building a quality list.

10. Share the wealth.  In your newsletter, offer recommendations of other good newsletters that your users can enjoy. This will positively reach out to other people building a list for their business just like you are and together you can build confident lists that will increase your business and bottom line.

11. Always include your business URL when doing presentations for organizations in your area.  If you are doing a PowerPoint presentation, for example, don’t just use your name and business on the slide, include your business URL so that attendees can go directly to your site.  By placing this URL on the master slide, you can make sure that every opportunity will be afforded to the viewer to capture this address to write down for future use. Also, include the URL address on any written materials that you distribute.

12. Develop a free guide that visitors can download from your site.  Valuable content is a must on your site and by sharing the quality of information and products that you are providing, you cause visitors to want to see more and to become valuable members on your list.

13. Feature a subscription form on every page of your website. Make it accessible and attractive.  Experts suggest that you locate subscription information in the top-left corner of your pages. This is the normal travel pattern of the human eye.

14. Simplify the sign up process to your site.  Don’t ask for too much upfront information; you only need their name and a valid email address for your marketing campaigns.

15. Respect your users’ privacy.  Put your clients at ease immediately about their email address. Tell them that you respect their privacy concerns and reassure them by linking them to your privacy policy.  You want to establish complete trust in the fragile beginning of your business relationship.

16. Use co-registrations.  Co-registration involves having an ad and a subscription box located on the websites of others who will let their subscribers be added to your list.  Use GetSubscribers.com as an excellent tool to build your list.

17. Have a system in place that can handle all the email data that you are gathering.  This system will keep your data organized instead of being in little groups that will be hard to access all at once.

18. Be able to adapt and update your new database.  You will be continually gathering information and the need for keeping your client information current will grow as the list you are building expands.

19. Prioritize your list of things to do as you build your list.  As you progress through this task, new situations will arise and you will find other jobs that need to be done with your newly built list.  Keep an organized list of things you will need to do in a priority list to make your work more effective and efficient. Also, you don’t want to have so much information crowded into your mind that you forget a strategic facet of your developing list.

20. Use social media to work for you.  If you participate in social media outlets, you can use these social channels to change the face of your list building game.  Get your facebook likes to also “like” your business and add their names to your list.  At these locations, the people who sign up to follow you or to like your product are already interested in the service or product that you provide.  You have a motivated audience who will be a valuable, reliable name to consider in list building.

21. Use text signups. This is a developing facet of ecommerce.  Promote your business by using mass texting to reach people who are tech savvy, on the go, and looking to save time by shopping as they travel through their daily activities.  Consider text signups as you look to build your list into a quality tool that will work for you.

22. Visit trade shows and set up a table to connect with potential clients. At trade shows you can provide examples of your product and how it will benefit the consumer.  You can get immediate results for your efforts as people build your list themselves as word spreads about you throughout the show.

23. Attend training sessions to network with people who have similar interests and skills that you have. People who take the time to further their skills and knowledge make great clients for you.  At these sessions, you can make personal contact and begin to develop working relationships that will add many, many names to your list for business contacts.

24. Go to conferences that highlight your product and related businesses. Conferences draw like-minded people who are interested in similar products to a common place to share ideas.  Depending on the size of the conference, you can develop a quality list of contacts that will already be interested in the product that you offer.  This personal engagement, perhaps with the shake of a hand, can form a relationship that will work for you and you business long after the conference is offer.

25. Learn from others.  Many entrepreneurs have experienced building a list like you are now developing.  By learning from their mistakes and profiting from their precision in building this list, you will streamline this process and not be spending your time reinventing the wheel.  Draw on their experiences and listen carefully to their advice. They can save you time and money and in ecommerce, time is money!

26. Use speaking engagements.  Be confident in your product and your ability to present it in a professional way. Volunteer to speak at civic organizations or conduct your own seminar that will provide a glimpse into your product or services.  At these events, you can use the attendees to further your list building.  People are attracted to experts in an area where they need help and you will have a captive audience.  Ask them for their help as you go about the business of perfecting your list of potential clients.

In order to build a rock-solid list that will work for your business, you must put forth the effort to make sure your list is a list of quality contacts that will respond to what you are communicating to them.  Don’t be intimidated by those people who tell you that this is an undaunted task that will dive you over the cliff.  Be organized in your approach and methodically cover each and every tip offered in this list.  If you believe the adage that the “money is in the list” then you should give careful thought to the compilation of your list making procedures.  As you have learned, procrastination can be your worst enemy as you think about building your list instead of getting your nose to the grindstone and beginning the work.  You want to arm your business with an arsenal that will raise the awareness of your business and expand your sales.  Without adding new customers and prospective clients, your business will get to a plateau and stagnation can begin. You have to keep your business thriving and new information flowing constantly.  You want to quickly build your lists to better nurture your business.  With the social media explosion, many businesses have forgotten this very successful component of business expansion.  Make social media work for you, not hinder your progress; this is just another channel from which you can draw list additions.

Build a strong list to generate high traffic to your website which will in turn drive your sales and leads to a higher performance. You must provide an easy way to get clients to your site, for them to subscribe, and to purchase from your business.  The bottom line is directly affected by paying customers and those repeat business experiences.

You cannot take shortcuts as you try to jumpstart your business with building your list.  Doing the work yourself and from the bottom up will give you a personal touch on your business that will be conveyed to each and every customer you encounter.  You want to provide quality products and services and professional expertise that clients expect from their online activity.  Your goal is to target those clients who are genuinely interested in what you are offering, how you will treat them, and your customer service treatment after the sale. By carefully constructing your list of contacts, you will drive only the highest quality of visitors to your site.  With the careful attention you take in formulating your list, you will build trusting relationships and a business that is beneficial to both you and your customers.  Clients will remain with you for a longer period of time because they are receiving from you and your product excellence that makes their life easier and more enjoyable. You must provide quality and information that is credible and that offers a tangible value to them.  Building your list will be a long process but if you persist and are patient, your rewards will enrich your own life and make your business a thriving success.


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