50 Tips To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

Website TrafficWhether you are an experienced businessman or are just getting your feet wet in the booming ecommerce market, you are interested in optimizing your dollars in one of the most prevailing parts of your marketing strategy: driving traffic to your website. 

You will be investing your time and skills and if you can use free techniques to increase traffic to your website you are ahead of the proverbial game.
If you have a limited budget and want to use tried and true methods, then these tips will help you get started in the expansion of your business.
The heartbeat of any online business is the traffic that comes to the website.
You want to keep your finger on the pulse of your business by using every opportunity that can afford you an economical way to pursue your dream of having a successful business.

  1. Begin by building an exceptional email list that will work for you. This is a cost efficient way to reach a multitude of people at no cost to your company.
    You must remember that email lists should focus on quality and not quantity.  A name is not worthy of your time and attention if there is never any response to your emails.
    There are many ways to build your email list without spending any money.
    You can attend conferences and workshops, hold your own seminars, frequent social media sites and network with family, friends, and co-workers to obtain names to add to your list.
  2. Create a Facebook page.  You can get “likes” on this page that will directly link people to your business website.
    Facebook has become one of the most popular websites that visitors frequent.
    This is a huge source of free traffic and a never-ending network of people who are already online and probably already used to ordering goods and services from online businesses.
  3. Send press releases.  They still work for businesses and are free if you use websites like PRLog.org, or IdeaMarketers.com.
    You will be pleased with the return you will get form these sources.
  4. Remember to address local media sources as well.
    If you are offering a product that is a special value to your local area, or if your chamber of commerce likes to feature local online businesses, use local outlets to spread the word about what you do.
  5. Keep your Google Local Business listing updated at all times.  This is a listing that is very important to customers who will check to see if you are a legitimate business.  You can better manage your account by going to Blumenthals.com and reading about these free resources that are available to you.
  6. Locate a social media site that is related to your business and participate in the discussions being held on a daily basis.  You can use word of mouth advertising by explaining what your business is about and the benefits it will bring to customers.
  7. Use a link to your business in your signature line of any of these social media sites on which you participate.
    People will be drawn to explore your site especially if your information is clear, concise, and appealing.
  8. If there isn’t a forum related to your business, think about starting one.
    You can initiate interesting conversations that might solve a dilemma your potential client might be experiencing.
    These discussions will send many clients to your website to explore what it is that you have to offer.
  9. It is to your advantage to build a Google+page that can showcase your business.
    You will follow businesses that are like yours and here you can share information and feature content that is valuable and solid.

10. Set up partnerships with businesses in your local area to share links that will attract customers who scan scaffold businesses that build on each other’s services.
Networking is still alive and well and thriving on the internet and in your local business community.

11. Become an expert and comment on as many blogs relevant to your business as much as possible. Attach your URL to every comment that you make.
If clients feel they are engaging with someone who has excellent expertise, they will visit your website and purchase from you.
Make sure your information is accurate, authentic, and reliable.  Offer to give further advice if they visit your website.

12. Visit Wikihow.com or Answers.com and write how-to articles that demonstrate your knowledge the niche that is related to your business.  Be selective what you say and to whom your respond but this is a free way to get out your message.

13. Do not take a shortcut when you write your HTML page titles.  These should direct the customer to exactly the information and products they are seeking.

14. Create a profile, write detailed descriptions, and don’t forget to include a link to your website at Flickr.  Research shows that internet shoppers are visually driver and respond more favorably when dynamic photos are used.  Appeal to their visual side of shopping.

15. Keep your Yahoo and Bing business listings update constantly.

16. Create a twitter account and network with people who show an interest in your business or related products in their profiles.  You can expand your network by becoming followers of THEIR followers and on and on. It’s a never-ending list of people who spend time on the internet.

17. One of the hottest sites on the internet currently is Pinterest.  It’s very visual and gives the customer a chance to casually window shop at your business by looking at the photographs, images, and other contents you pin on the boards you create.  Pinterest is an outstanding method of capturing an audience who appreciates your creativity and designing talents.

18. Use ad swaps.  Find other marketers with an interest in your business and cross-promote your links. You can build your email list quickly and efficiently this way and drive initial traffic to your site.  This can also drive repeat traffic to your website as well.

19. Maximize your SEO (search engine optimization).  Search engines are the most powerful way to get free traffic to your website.  You will need to do your homework and have the most intensive keywords placed in optimum locations to get the most traffic driven to you.  Powerful keyword placement is crucial in driving traffic to your website.  You can use Traffic Travis, a free software program, that will provide you information on back links and how you can outrank your competitors.  You need to invest the proper amount of time and effort to see that this part of your website is performing the best that it can.

20. Put your URL on all of your business cards.  This is a handy and professional way to get your website address out to clients who can refer to the card as they search for you and your business.  Written addresses for clients are much more effective than if they write the addresses themselves.

21. Get a magnetic sign of your URL and place it on your car.  You will be impressed with people who will take time at a stop light to jot down how to reach your business.

22. Be a guest blogger. Write an informative article for a blog that relates to your business or product. You will appear as an expert and will influence customers with your knowledge.

23. Comment on the blogs of others and attach your URL to your comments. The more you participate in online communities, the more traffic you will drive to your website.

24. Write articles for e-zines. Submit as many articles as you can and to as many e-zines as you can so that you can reach all of those people who are researching the product you provide. Studies show 90% of people do internet research on a product before they buy it.  Include an invitation for everyone to visit your website for further information.

25. Use the questions segment of Yahoo to promote your knowledge and expertise in your line of business.  Online shoppers are asking thousands of questions each day and you can make a powerful presence as you solve issues for those in need.  Instead of advertising, become an authority who is helpful and compassionate in attacking the problems of others.  You can drive large amounts of traffic to your website with your professional concern for others and their dilemmas.

  1. 26.  Make social bookmarking work for your business.  Create valuable content that people can use or enjoy and you have a found a way to increase traffic to your website. These sites let people bookmark favorite websites that others can view and share with others.  It will only take 30 seconds or less to bookmark your site but the traffic flow can increase dramatically.  Digg, Delicious, and Reddit are three of the most visited bookmarking sites that receive over 8 million visitors per month.  Be creative and thoughtful as you develop your page. Top Ten Lists and how to lists are the most popular content articles on these sites.

27. Use directories and classified submissions to advertise your business free.  An example is Craigslist.org.  This site will allow you to post your URL link in not only your local market but also in national markets and global markets in a variety of categories.  This is an excellent tool for getting millions of people to your website. You must list your website in the appropriate niche to lure interested buyers.

28. Use traffic exchange systems to drive hundreds of online marketers to your website. These entrepreneurs want to help each other gain higher traffic levels which mean more business.

29. You must provide valuable content that is frequently updated to get traffic to your site.  By providing these this element, you will develop a loyal audience of clients who will return often to see what you are reporting about current trends and practices.

30. Develop a free product or service. Traffic is more highly driven if you are providing something free or unique.  You can write articles of advice, a top ten list of a procedure, or how your client can receive something that is of value to him. Once customers begin to rely on your information, they will keep coming back to see the latest offers.

31. One of the best ways to get the message out about your website is to use the viral content method.  When your customers like your rock-solid content, they will post it on their favorite sites and send it to their friends.  These friends forward this information on and it moves like a tidal wave across the internet.  You just create the content or choose the photo or image and send it to a few loyal customers.

32. Have a tell-a-friend forum on your website.  This will give your loyal customers a platform to share their experiences while doing business on your website with others.  They can mention your customer service policies and adherence to that policy and the ease with which customers can navigate your website.  They can positively promote your business with others while you watch the profits come in.

33. Make You Tube work for you.  It is the second biggest search engine in the world and here, you can show a video that tells about your product and business. Watermark a link that will drive customers to your business website.  You can simply tell people at the end of the video to visit your website for additional information.  You can also give an interview with a satisfied client that will influence others to come and purchase from you.  It is important to orally give and visually provide your URL address in your video.

34. Network with people at seminars, conventions, and other events. Print your URL address on business cards that you can make and freely distribute them.  You can also build an effective email list at these gatherings of business-minded people.

35. Use your own personalized squeeze page.  This is a page that will instruct the visitor to leave their email address on a form that they submit to you.  With some focused work, you can design this page yourself to save money.  After you complete this task, this is a “how-to” that you can include as some valuable information in an article you write for a blog or other outlet.

36. Provide a testimonial on another website that provides a product that is supportive of your product.  Include a link to your website at the end of your comment so customers can visit to see how your product compliments the one they just purchased.

37. Hold a contest on your website that will encourage everyone to participate and to tell all their contacts about the excitement on your site. Everyone loves a challenge and if a visitor thinks they can win a prize or impress others, they will be inclined to jump in and take part. Word spreads very quickly and can generate traffic that will be impressive to your bottom line.

38. Conduct and publish some pertinent surveys on your website.  If you can get opinions of others and discuss them with the proper techniques and applications currently trending, you can create a lot of interest in your product and increase traffic to your website.

39. Create and list a free ebook on a free site. Everyone wants to know how to better use their time and skills; reading an ebook provided free by an expert will foster interest in obtaining additional information from this professional. This can be a way for you to build confidence in your business and your own skills as you market your business economically. It is very satisfying to know that you have done the ground work yourself that drives copious amounts of business to your website.

40. Establish a personal connection to your customers.  Answer any and all questions posed to you within 48 hours. State this policy on your customer service policy page and stick to its contents.  If a person is made to feel special they will return to your website to make further purchases but more importantly, they will tell everyone they know about the time and patience you demonstrated with them.  Take time, get to know the client if he addresses you via email or feedback, and correspond in a professional, clear, and concise method.  The rewards you reap will continually increase.

41. Publish a newsletter.  Offer free content and tips on a regular basis and include links to your website.  Many readers will appreciate your insights and will visit your business website to learn even more.

42. Create topical contents on Squidoo and Hubpages.  They are highly trusted by search engines so you can anticipate a lot of traffic from this free method.  These websites have their own readers and visitors who visit regularly to satisfy their hunger for interesting information.  You’ll create lenses on Squidoo and hugs on Hubpges that will draw an enormous amount of traffic for your website.

43. Use standard link building activities.  You’ll need excellent content to compete with this method.  Follow standard link building practices for the best results.  Remember to stay niche-specific and the visitors coming to your website will have a valid interest in your business and will be more prepared to buy a product.

44. An interesting way to drive free traffic to your website is by using joint ventures. Connect with a marketer who has a large email list and ask him if you can send an email to his subscribers as a partner with him.  If any of his clients buy a product from you, you will pay him a commission. This is a method many new entrepreneurs use to begin to network in their ecommerce venture.

45. Use Linkedin. This is another popular business networking site that connects the business community with other professionals. You can promote your products to clients who will be expecting you to do so.  Many businesses overlook this outlet so your competition may be lower on this site.  Make sure you complete your profile as much as possible and optimize your profile for the keywords you want to rank. This is not a time to be shy; connect with as many friends of friends on this social site as you possibly can.

46. Post bulletins on your email list. When there are new developments within your business or a new product, send a bulletin to your email list to draw clients in to revisit your website to look at the new information.  Keeping on your toes by informing a responsive list of clients will drive more business to your website on a regular basis.

47. There is power in your signature. Whenever possible, use your URL as your signature. This creates a lot of interest and will get people to your website to follow up on additional information.  Curiosity creates excitement and traffic!

48. Create an Amazon profile and comment on books and products that are in line with the business that you are promoting online.  By appearing as an authority, others will view your comments and reviews and visit your website. They will already be interested in your product if they have purchased an item that correlates with yours.

49. Be sure to test your website across all browsers and all of the functions within your website to make sure they are working properly before you launch your website.  Nothing will drive clients away faster than going to a website that does not work properly. Customers will decide in less than 90 seconds whether your site is one on which they want to do business.  You have a short time to make a first impression and you want that to be a positive, worthwhile, and easy experience for the potential customer.

50. Create a site that you yourself would want to visit. Make it appealing, alluring, and authentic.  Ask yourself the questions that you think the customer would ask upon arriving on your website.  Does your website fill their needs in a satisfactory way?

Even if you follow all of these tips in a methodical way, you won’t develop a large following overnight.
Building your client base will take some time; remember to focus on quality and not quantity.  Stick with it, persevere and plan accordingly.
You must anticipate every question and situation that might arise and have a strategic plan in place to address these concerns.

The lifeblood of any online business is the amount of traffic generated to that site.  You must carefully target just the right audience and captivate an audience that will respond to and purchase from your business.

You must be authentic in your approach and articulate in your presentation.
Be professional and project compassion and caring with your clients that you would want to experience yourself if you were buying online.

Without traffic your business will not succeed but by using creative and unique methods for driving the right kind of traffic to your site, your business will expand and achieve the goals you set out in your business plan.


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