Advanced Link Manager Review

Advanced Link Manager ReviewAdvanced Link Manager is currently one of the most popular link building tool used by most website owners.
Call it a “tactical tool” in developing efficient links to your site, this software makes sure that your website is accessible from different areas in the web.
It’s just like adding more doors to your shop to let more customers in.

But what has Advanced Link Manager has that is not available in other link building programs? What can links do to your specific business?
Whether you have a blog site, an e commerce site or a marketing site, you need traffic.
Site visitors are the lifeblood of any website and since you probably have three or more competitors who are also looking for more traffic as well, it’s best to use a reliable link building software just in case.

So what does Advanced Link Manager actually do? Here are some important benefits that any website owner or blog developer needs to know about:

  • Advanced Link Manager is downloadable software; you won’t need to worry about crashing servers and inaccessible accounts.
    You have your software in your PC and you may run it anytime.


  • ALM optimizes new techniques like using anchor texts and evenly distributing this all over your website.
    These texts are transformed into handy hyperlinks that lead customers and visitors to where they want to go in your website.

ALM Link text

  • Problems encountered are problems solved with Advanced Link Manager.
    Problems that develop due to keyword matching with competitors are not just identified by the software but it also offers smart solutions to deal with the issue.
    Different issues and a diverse niche are not a problem; keywords are developed along with anchor tags in just minutes, no need to study appropriate keywords one by one.


  • Site Optimization for targeted Keywords, advanced link building management, professional reports, competitive analysis tools, automated updates, backups and proxy support.


  • Data privacy and maximun security, all data are stored in your PC (or Server)


  • The tool is also very intelligent with a grasp of your site’s overall picture day after day.
    The web can change from a matter of minutes with your nearest competitor breathing at the back of your neck.
    You can see how your site fares with your competition from different angles as well as print reports or uploaded directly to your website.


  • Advanced link building with the use of as many as three to four way links is possible when you use Advanced Link Manager.


  • No need to worry about updates, reports and new versions for your software; get all of these down even when you have better things to do.
    It is completely automated, it can even send email reports to you and your potential partners.


  • Analyze your website as well as your competitors’ websites and potential link partners with Advanced Link Manager’s domain quality analyzer, website crawlers and webpage analyzers that will give you important data to use for your business.

ALM Domain Information

  • Impeccable member support team is probably one of Advanced Link Manager’s best features.
    You can send an email or contact their online support center for any important questions and technical help for your software.
    Take advantages from their User Guide, FAQs, Forums, How-To’s and Walkthrough and simply do a phone call (US and UK numbers available).


  • System requirements are very minimal: 512MB RAM, Pentium 4 CPU, 1 GB hard drive space and a 1024 x 768 screen resolution for Windows/ Linux PCs and an Apple Mac G4 or higher versions for a Mac OS X system. Software requirements for Windows/Linux users are Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7, with Linux GNOME or KDE in your system and with Java Runtime Environment 1.5 or later versions.
    Mac OS X users on the other hand must have Mac OS X 10.4 or later installed and Java Runtime Environment 1.5 or later versions installed.

Advanced Link Manager Windows   Advanced Link Manager Mac

Impressive features are just the tip of the iceberg; pricing is also very practical with several versions to choose from: Standard for $99, a Professional for $199, an Enterprise for $399 and  Server for $599, depending on your link building needs. Same as Advanced Web Ranking tool each “bigger” version included smaller version features plus a few more, personally, I recommend Professional or Enterprise editions.
Check out the Saver pack, order Advanced Link Manager and Advanced Web Ranking, 12-months Maintenance Plan included, 50% OFF the regular price, shocking price for 2 wonderful softwares, isn’t it?
Secure transaction with Avantage payment processor.

Each version comes with unlimited websites, 12 months free maintenance and free purchasing consultations if you don’t know which version is right for you.

So what can effective link building software like Advanced Link Manager can do for you?
Technically, all the link building advantages over the competition!
Intimidate your competitors and get more traffic out of your site with this amazing software today, I already own and use Advanced Link Manager and I’m absolutely satisfied,
I wrote this review to spread the word around the web, to reach big audience, you need as well reliable softwares, do not spend lot of money for tools with fake testimonials and with poor results.
Also, do not go for cheaper solution, probably they don’t stick for long time, no regular updates, inaccurate data, instead Caphyon (ALM software developer) is still alive and after a lot of years still work hard to  improve their softwares (info below), Advanced Link Manager worth every single penny!

By the way, there is a Reseller program available, for more information, visit the official website.

30-day FREE Trial, enough time to check all (amazing) included features, just to name a few: Domain quality analysis, Website Crawling and Analysis, Search Engine friendly, Proxy support, Link Evolution Charts, Google and Yahoo API, printable reports, UNLIMITED websites supported, yes, no limits!

MGCOM Rating : 4.5

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