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Backlinks BuildingThere are several search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that can help you drive  traffic to your site, but one of the most effective is backlink building.  Backlinks have plenty of benefits like they can increase your visibility on the internet, they can get you a high rank in search engines, and you will have more potential customers.  As a result of these benefits, you will certainly be able to generate bigger sales and profit as well.  

Backlink building can be done in various ways, but as a website or online business owner, you only want those that are proven to be effective, right?  Do you know what these SEO techniques are?  Well, check them out below: 

  1. Submit your link or contents to link or article directories.  You can find a number of directories online where you can submit and post your contents or link. There are some websites that will charge you for the service, but there are others that render their services for free.  Some examples of link directories are,, and Before submitting your link or contents, make sure that you choose the most appropriate category for your website.  This is to ensure that you will be reaching your target market. 
  2. Create backlinks through relevant websites.  Obtaining backlinks from sites that have similar niche as yours is probably the most doable SEO technique.  However, there are websites that will only link to your site if you also to do the same favor to them.  This is known as link exchange or link trading.  Backlinks may also come from article or link directories, social networking or media sites, forums, blogs, etc.  
  3. Make use of RSS feeds.  RSS stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’. When you subscribe to RSS feeds, the contents that you will be posting will also appear in other sites that are relevant to your niche.  This means that this allows you to efficiently attract your target customers.  By using this SEO technique, you will get to generate a larger traffic and a much wider online presence. 
  4. Create press releases about your site.  When you come up with press releases, this can help improve your site’s traffic and you will alsobe able to build backlinks. A press release will basically contain information about your website.  You can either choose to avail the service for free or you can go for a paid service. 

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