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Content DevelopmentThe Internet revolves around content, hence the term “Content is King.” Ultimately, the more content a business has out on the web, the more exposure they will have and the more business they can generate.
There are various forms of Internet content, such as articles, videos, blog posts, press releases, social media content, and much, much more!

We’ve already talked in great detail about video marketing, but let’s take a closer look at two other forms of content creation that are powerful in connecting with local consumers.

Article Marketing
Articles related to your business industry are one of the most powerful ways to connect with local customers.

This is because articles will allow you to provide valuable information that your target audience will appreciate – positioning yourself as the expert on the topic.

Not only that, but articles can be distributed to the hundreds of article directories all over the Internet.
At the end of these articles, you will place a link back to your website. People will be able to click right from the article to your website to learn more about your business.
This is considered a “backlink,” which is also important for ranking your business website. The more relevant backlinks you have, the stronger your website becomes.
In order for articles to be effective, it is extremely important that they are written with the keywords related to your business.  This way, they are extremely targeted and will provide even greater search engine exposure as they can also come up in the search engines. is the most popular article submission site on the Internet, so you should definitely submit articles here.,,, and other article directories should be used as well.

Remember… the more, the better.

After writing (or having someone write) your articles, submitting them to article directories can be time-consuming, but it’s not difficult at all.
It involves creating a free account, adding your article, and waiting for it to be approved.
Once your articles are out there, they are often syndicated, meaning that others can feature your articles as long as your bio information is attached.
This will help broaden your reach even further as well as provide even more backlinks!

Press Releases
Online Press Releases are extremely powerful in connecting with your local prospects and customers.
The whole purpose of a press release is to get the word out about your business.
Similar to articles, press releases should be written with your keywords in mind. They can also be submitted to various online media outlets, which will give your business massive exposure very quickly.

You can also include a link back to your website in your press release, which will drive traffic right back to your site as well as help boost the rankings.
People love seeing their local businesses in the press, so online press releases should be utilized by every business who wants to connect with local consumers.
Not only will this give you exposure, but will generate a lot of interest and buzz around your company in your local area.

Once your press releases are written, the only thing left to do is distribute them to various online press release websites. They will, in turn, distribute your press release to other sites, newspapers, websites, and other media outlets.

Some of the most popular online press release sites are,,, and
Imagine distributing a press release on a regular basis… not only will you get noticed by your local prospects and customers, but you will provide massive juice to your website.

As a business owner, your main goal should be to create and distribute as much content around the web as you possibly can.
You will benefit in many ways including gaining expert status, gaining exposure, gaining traffic to your website, gaining links back to your website, and enjoying higher search engine rankings.

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