Email Marketing and Video – A Powerful Combination

Email Marketing and VideoEmail with video content is on the rise, so local businesses should understand a few critical best practices for success.

When compared to traditional internet ads, video has 4 – 7 times the rate of engagement.
Emails containing video marketing content have an average click-through rate (CTR) of a whopping 32%. Compare that to the 4.5% CTR average for standard marketing emails.

Emails that contain videos keep viewers engaged 8 times longer than those that do not contain videos.
Even more astonishing is that 23% of email recipients take action on what they have seen in a video, which far exceeds more common marketing tactics.

Generation X, born in the 60s and 70s, has warmly embraced the internet.
Most of them use it to perform aspects of their everyday lives.
This includes tasks such as banking, grocery shopping, and applying for jobs.

Generation X makes up today’s major spenders and most have solid careers with established families.

Generation Y, born at the end of the 20th century, actually grew up with this technology.
Because of this, they have high expectations for attractive presentation, interactivity, and engaging online content.

As this population matures, they will be the driving force behind consumer trends.
Known for their high interest in immediate access when it comes to advertising, they will insist on video marketing.

Businesses that shy away from online video content will be unable to compete with those that adopt it early and well. 
One of the main benefits to using online video is the ability to track results.
Businesses can easily obtain prompt and accurate feedback on what is working and what is not.
This allows them to avoid ineffective strategies that are simply a waste of time and money.

Programs are available to track and report on consumer video observation instantly.
Best of all, videos are often forwarded and shared with friends (also trackable), creating even more exposure with no additional effort.

Skilled marketers know that adding video to email just for the sake of having a video does not bring the impressive results seen with high-quality, relevant content.

Studies have shown that the inclusion of the word “video” in an email subject line increases the open rate by 20%.
However, this must be backed with quality, relevant footage in order to be a winner.  

Though video enhances your email marketing, it doesn’t negate the need for easy to read, attractive email text.
First, no matter how good your video is, no one will watch it if the included email text is sloppy.
Put as much thought into the email copy, layout, links, and images as you normally would.

Second, though you might have an excellent video, your audience may not be able to watch it for technical reasons.
Since they have already opened your email, don’t miss out on the opportunity to share your message in text format as well.

Research has confirmed that consumers are open to the idea of video-enhanced email marketing; however some business owners are still skeptics.

If you want to start small, send your initial video emails to your active, existing customers – the ones that you know will open it because they have a history with your company.

See how they respond and get their feedback to help you create powerful online video campaigns.

Interactive Video Brochures for Next Generation Lead Generation 

While there are countless benefits to using different video marketing tactics, one of the best ways to generate new customers is through Interactive Video Brochures (IVB).
Stand-alone video attracts interest, but it lacks the final element necessary for tracking the tool’s effectiveness and moving the relationship with the viewer forward.

Surrounding your video with relevant text, images, graphics, web links, and company branding keeps your prospects asking “What’s next?” until they reach the last step.

Quality IVB content will increase the chance that they will comply with your final request, whether it is to enter their email address, make a call, or forward your IVB on to others.

Most critical to success is your call to action at the end.
Tell readers what to do, how to do it, and why they should do it now to insure immediate response to your IVB.
Make “taking action” as easy as possible, with one click links to purchases, registration forms, and social network sharing.  

The beauty of IVB is that you can send it to targeted audiences in a push campaign, rather than trying to pull consumers into your site.
Because they have unique URLs, distribution via mobile device, email, social media, and external websites is simple, and will complement any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies already in place. 


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