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Google DisavowHave you heard about the new tool that Google has finally unleashed?
This tool has been talked about and anticipated by many for a while now.
The new tool is called “Google Disavow.”

It is a unique tool that webmasters can take advantage of.
The tool will allow the user to disavow bad or spammy links to their site.
In the paragraphs below, we are going to tell you more about Google Disavow.

The head of Google’s web-spam team, Matt Cutts, announced the good news while speaking at the PubCon conference.

In the past, numerous SEO companies have made the horrible mistake of relying on artificial and paid link databases for improving page traffic and ranking.
Once the Google Penguin update hit, those one supportive links because liabilities that not only lost their purpose, but also became black marks around the condemned client domains.
Google is now trying to help those people out by releasing the Disavow link tool, allowed those people effected to start with a ‘clean slate.’

As helpful as this new tool is, Google has stated that this is a new feature that even their teams are not 100% prepared to tackle yet.
Since the tool takes time to get going, it’s best to ask and see if the webmasters that own the spammy backlinks will remove them, if not, then the disavow tool comes into play.

This tool is meant to nullify or disregard spammy links that are coming inbound to your website coming from external websites.
You should use this tool if you have recently came across an unnatural link warning/notification from Google on your Webmaster tool, or a Hit by the latest Penguin, resulting in huge traffic drops.

A warning, though, Google disavow tool should only be used if you’re an advanced webmaster, or you know exactly what you are doing,  because using this tool wrong can cause serious problems to your traffic.

To use the new disavow tool, you need to login into your Google Webmaster Tool, visit the Disavow link page, select the site, and you will be prompted to upload a file that contains the list of links you wish to disavow, then you just upload and you’re done. It’s quite simple, but it can have deadly effects if you use it wrong.

If you choose a wrong site, all you have to do is simply download the file, edit your changes into it, then upload it to the disavow tool again.
It usually takes Google anywhere from 2 – 4 weeks to process and index the links you mentioned into the text file.
The Google Disavow tool simply works by ignoring the links you put in the file, it’s quite simple.

If you plan on using this tool, you have to remember some simple things like mentioning the www and non-www versions of the URL’s separately, and if you want to disavow links from the same company, you have to add each domain separately. You also can disavow sub-domains too, like

In conclusion, this neat little tool is mostly intended for those individuals who have purchased links from link farms, have paid editorials with a DoFollow Links and who have participated in other link exchange schemes.
This tool can be very powerful and it is exactly what many individuals need, however, use at your own risk because it’s not all gold what you see!!
Read this article “Why Google Disavow Is Bad News For SEO” and you understand why I say that, a very well written article from Matthew Woodward.

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