How to Create a Custom Application for Your Facebook Page

FacebookAlmost everyone reading this probably has a Facebook Page.
For your business, website or brand, youÕve taken the time to create a Page, add some blog posts and solicit Likes. Then…nothing.

The Fan Page sits there, gathering dust and being ignored by the Internet and its many citizens.
One of the most effective ways to jump start engagement on your Facebook Page and attract a larger audience is to use custom iFrame applications to enhance the number of things that can be done on your Page.

With recent updates to Facebook’s terms of service, the process for doing this changed some. Here are the things you’ll need to know to take advantage of the process and start generating more Fan interest with a custom iFrame App.

What Is an iFrame App?

An iFrame is an embedded external website hosted on a different server and shown on your Facebook Page.
You can customize the HTML and CSS to whatever you want and create content that supplements your site, sells your products, or sends people to key landing pages on your website.

There are some things to consider though as you canÕt use just any page for your iFrame application:

Security – Your iFrame content must be hosted on a secure server, meaning SSL certification. If you don’t have your own server space, you’ll need to contact a host such as HostGator and set this up, along with the needed security protocols. If you don’t have hosting and donÕt want to pay for it, Facebook offers cloud hosting for your apps.
Sizing –

When creating your app, it must be 520 pixels wide to match the width of a Facebook Page.
You can use CSS and any HTML tags you want in this file to create visual effects for your content.
Install Facebook Developer App – Make sure to install the Facebook developer app on your page with
You must allow access to your information to do this.

Creating an App

As you start creating an app, make sure to provide an App Display name and Namespace. Follow the instructions on screen for doing this. Write down the App ID and the App Secret value given to you by Facebook as you will probably need these for your off-site content.

The next step is to integrate your app with Facebook – do this by selecting Page Tab from the menu options on screen.
Give your Page Tab a name and provide the URL of the file that will be displayed on your Facebook Page.
Make sure to provide the same information for secure Page Tab URL with the https:// version of the URL.

Finally, when done, enter the following URL into your browser:
Replace YOUR_APP_ID and YOUR_URL with the settings you provided above and you’ll be asked whether you want to ad your Page Tab.
Follow the final directions to add your new app and you’re set – customized iFrame application on your Facebook Page using the new rules.

Have fun developing a powerful iFrame that showcases your website and business to its fullest.


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