How to Get Relevant Backlinks?

How to get relevant backlinksWe all know how important is the link building process when it comes to SEO, any SEO professional in the world would tell you that finding ways to generate fresh backlinks is the most time consuming task and takes lots of efforts and time.
Also this has to be made sure that the links we are generating are of high quality and they provide some boost to the websites search engine rankings.

In order to gain continuous growth in your search engine rankings you have to make links on regular basis, you can’t just make 100s of links in one shot and then forget about link building, it’s an ongoing process and needs to be done in a manner that things look natural and positive to search engines. For this you have to be in the mindset of building link all the time, you need to keep hunting for places where you can leave your link and benefit from it.
These days Google has started giving more value to links that are from sites in your own niche/topic. You cannot just blast your link on each and every irrelevant blog/forum on the web. The places where you leave your link should be somewhat relevant to your niche, this makes Search Engines realize that your website is highly relevant in that industry and will give you great boost in search results.
Most of the SEO`s in the world now first make a list of URLs, where they can get the links from and then start the link building process, this makes them being more efficient and help them in their SEO campaign. Excel is the best tool to use in order to build your URLs list. Excel will help you a lot in the long run and will help you perform crucial tasks with your data such as sort and filter.
After having your list, stat posting your links manually one by one, you don’t need to do it all at once, you can do it at a speed of 30-50 per day, and it will make everything look really normal in the eyes of search engines. Since, you built your list of URLs finding relevant blogs and sites; therefore you don’t have to worry about the relevancy of the URLs, you can just start posting the links right away.
Create extra backlinks using these techniques:
– Try to exchange links with other webmasters, this will not only boost your serp but also will increase the traffic of your website.
– Almost all of the niches have some popular forums, visit them and leave your link as the signature.
– Submit podcast to podcast distribution services.
– Convert your articles to PDF and submit them to ebook sharing sites like docstoc and scribd.
– Distribute press releases; this will do wonders to your overall SEO campaign.
– Homepage backlinks network works like a charm (eg:

When you have done all these, and still you are not reaching the position where you want to reach, than you can always go for buying a few links from high PR websites, this works as a great energizer for your SEO campaign.

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