How To Make Money From CPA Marketing

cpa marketingMore and more people are looking today for ways to make money online to earn some extra cash.
Others want to develop full time stay-at-home careers like website development and where they can spend more time with children or family and avoid the rat race of the typical 9-5 job environment.
By becoming a marketer of CPA offers, many are achieving this goal.

The internet already consumes a large part of our time during the day so why not make that time work for you!

As you begin to develop your strategy plan for making money online, you will undoubtedly come across some very attractive programs that will promise you fast results that seem too good to be true. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is!  Underneath all the hype of get-rich-quick programs is a solid business model that is not yet widely known about.  This fast but effective program will earn your business a healthy profit if you know how to use it correctly.

CPA (cost-per-action) marketing can potentially bring enormous amounts of profit to you. Money will not immediately begin falling into your bank account but as with other methods, patience and persistence pays off.  With CPA, you get paid when a visitor that you have generated becomes a lead for a company and performs an action.  A concrete example would be an attractive one page website that invites the potential to compare auto insurance rates.  The ad will lure the visitor by stating that a high percentage of money can be saved by comparing these rates with a current insurance rate.  Behind this page is a marketing strategist who can be paid on average $5 to $20 when a visitor completes the form. The visitor has completed an “action” (depending on the requirements of the advertiser) which is customarily a 1-3 page form that included all of their personal contact information.  An action can be just as simple as leaving an email address or a postal zip code.  Downloading a free piece of software can also qualify as an action.   This method is different from affiliate marketing where you earn your commission when a visitor makes a purchase.  With CPA, you will get paid when the visitor simply takes an action; no purchase is necessary.  You don’t have to sell anything to get paid.  By collecting leads like names, email addresses, and locations, you can effectively market these CPA offers. It can be an enjoyable way to make money.

If you are new to the world of internet business or you if you are a savvy entrepreneur just looking for an additional way to generate revenue, then you should give careful thought to employing a CPA business model as soon as possible.  First, your visitors will not have to do a lot of work for you to make money from these offers.  No purchase is required so all they have to do is visit a site, complete some personal information, or sign up to get a free gift.  Many people want something for nothing.  Secondly, this is an extremely easy business model to create.  You can use a free blog or website as you begin or you can use a WordPress blog to which you can drive your traffic. No intense technical skills are demanded nor is much knowledge about HTML needed.  You’ll find that you can get set up and going in a short time.  Finally, you can use about any niche or topic of business to set up a CPA business.  The best advice to follow is to choose a niche about which you have solid knowledge and about which you have a passion.  It will not be enjoyable nor would it be interesting to deal with offers and business with which you have no interest.  It’s best to be an expert and know where you are sending visitors and why.

A CPA marketing model is easy to understand.  You will sign up with a CPA network.  Choose the best and most trusted CPA networks which will act as the mediator between affiliates and merchants.  Look first for low risk but reputable networks that are reliable and ones that have good reputations.  Next, you will select the offer that you would like to promote.  Choose an offer that will bring you maximum results.  You will then drive the traffic to a landing page that is well designed.  Finally, you are paid for each action that the visitor performs.  This CPA network will perform as a hub for business owners who want to advertise and they will also provide support and help for you as you begin your business.

To participate in the CPA marketing business, you need to have a blog site or a website that will meet the requirements of a CPA company or network.  This is easier than you might think. CPA networks require that you have a quality website and perhaps some proficiency in online marketing.  Some of the networks are exclusive and accept only the top performers from other networks.  First, you must apply by setting up a website, if you don’t already have one, and providing a reference from a current member in the network.  Usually there are locations on the web that will provide good resources for applying and getting into a reputable CPA network.  Show that you are serious about your membership in the network and provide a means of communication that is easy for them to access.  Skype has become an instant way of communication visually; you can use instant messaging and other chat formats for the quick passing of information.

When all of this is complete, the company will contact you by the method you provided to make sure you are serious, to inform you of what the task will require, and to investigate the plans you have for marketing their products.  Develop this marketing plan before you even begin your application process to the CPA networks.  You will be informed of the regulations about sale strategies and search engine usage.  Now will be the time for you to ask any questions about things of which you are unsure.  You must also tell them what you expect in terms of money and sales and how you will be paid and when.

It is very important to know as much about the company contacting you as you possibly can.  You only want to do business with a legitimate company who will pay you and adhere to all of the rules and regulations.  Get reviews on the company, customer feedback, and any posts that have been made about the company. Doing your homework ahead of time will prevent you from spending valuable time on a company who will not provide what they said they would deliver.  Find a company with whom you think you could work comfortably and your success will be phenomenal.  Because of an increasing amount of fraud involving cost-per-click that is happening around the web, companies are looking for CPA marketers who are serious, patient, and reputable when doing business.  They want their dollars used in the most efficient and profitable way; money cannot be wasted or used haphazardly.

The next step will be finding traffic.  You offer will be worthless unless you have an extensive amount of traffic that will see and respond to the offer.  As you begin, you want to make money before you start spending it so stick to the cheap and free promotions.  If you find yourself buying traffic, you will overspend your budget almost immediately.  Use the two tips below to look professional even before you get started.  Write and submit quality articles to directories and other websites using good, high-ranking keywords.  Powerful placement can make all the difference in the views that you get.  Build a small website that will focus on your particular niche and offer that will drive traffic to your site.  There are more than 50 ways to drive traffic to your site that are free and very successful.  Use social media sites, bookmarking sites, and blog articles to advance the traffic driven to your site.  You can connect locally by hosting seminars, attending conventions, and affixing your URL to every piece of written work that you do. Don’t forget to list the URL address on your business cards as well. By commenting and participating in online chats and discussion groups, you can also drive traffic efficiently to your website.

Before you even try to drive traffic to your site, evaluate its appearance and its value. There are a couple of things to keep in mind as you evaluate how your website will communicate the message to your visitors.  Remember why you are driving visitors to the site and what traffic you are using.  Design your site around that goal. Also remember that your goal is to influence the visitor into completely fulfilling the CPA offer.  Don’t have so much content and confusion on your website that the visitor looks at all the information provided and decides that this is entirely too much work.   Direct the visitor to scan briefly, make an educated decision, and complete the offer quickly. Time is of the essence so make sure all of your action is directed to the end result of pay for an action completed.

After you are accepted by a CPA network, each offer will have its own commission or the pay that you will receive after the action takes place.  You will notice that simple actions mean that your commission will be smaller. You must decide whether you want simple yet inexpensive commissions or larger more difficult actions that generate more commission for you.  You can choose a smaller commission but a higher percentage of sign-ups and try to drive great volumes of visitors to your website to click on the ad and respond.  If they are only required to complete their email address or zip code, you might get $2 per sign-up. BUT, if you are attracting hundreds of thousands of people each day, you can affect your bottom line quickly and in small amounts that do add up!  You might choose a larger commission but a larger more detailed action will be required for you to get paid.  This offer might include getting the email address of a visitor and might even ask them to do a survey. These types of offers can generate up to $60 each time a visitor fully completes the action.  Your profit would increase at a larger sum with this choice.

Making the decision on which commission to choose is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for a newcomer to CPA.  There are many different choices to be made and a lot of money to be earned.  Sometimes less is more so the best choice for a beginner is to select the offers that give the smaller commission first. As you learn the ins and outs of this method, you will become more familiar with the process and you can attempt to catch the bigger commissions.  In today’s world, the internet user has less and less time to do more and more so take some time to learn how to professionally set up this business model before you jump headfirst into an unknown pool.  Make your choice carefully and target it toward the traffic you want to connect to your website.  Think wisely about the advertising methods you will use and how you will promote this offer. Also try to vary the avenues of communications that you use.  Try forums, networking sites, and concentrate on the offer and who is best suited to try it.

Also before you jump into this method of generating money online, do some market research to see what is in demand from consumers. Use Google’s free keyword tool to help you see what people are exploring as they search for goods and services. Another practical tool to use is which will give you an excellent overview of trends and customer choices.  Don’t forget to visit forums to see what people are discussing and asking questions about. See if there seems to be a demand for solutions to a problem or a searching for information about a product prior to buying it.  This will give you direct insight to how the interests and purchases are developing in the marketplace.  Yahoo Buzz is another tool that you can use to see what types of searches are being performed by users on an hourly basis.  With all of this research under your belt, you are now more prepared to offer a more popular, in-demand product that is well-researched and interesting to potential visitors to your website.

When you have the ideas for offers in mind with which you want to work, it is important to check out your competition.  See how many ads are being run on Google AdWords, MSN, and Yahoo Search Marketing, while also using other services like SEO in Malaysia to help the ranking or any site.  This will give you valuable information about where the competition is placing its interest and money.  You can type in a keyword that is relevant to the offer you are considering and see how many ads are listed under that particular topic. This will give you an idea about how much competition you will have.  Your goal is find a keyword that is being highly searched but that doesn’t have a multitude of ads running for it. This is how you can rise above the competition and make more dollars for yourself.  By finding those obscure keywords and creating a dynamic written ad, you can outshine the others and leave them in cyberspace dust.

Make sure that your landing page (where the visitor lands when they are directed to your website) has the fewest fields for them to submit.  You can more easily persuade the visitor into a lead by keeping it simple and fast to complete.  If, for example, you are paid $2 for each email address you provide and you provide 600 on any given day, just think of the money accruing in your account!

The landing page is the single most important tool as you begin your CPA business. You should give careful thought to how it’s designed and how this design will influence the visitor seeking the offer you are providing.  Make sure it has a solid headline.  You have less than 90 seconds to get the visitor’s attention!  Have time and design on your side.  The headline must be catchy, alluring, and powerful.  It must convince the visitor that they cannot live without this offer.  They must be influenced to read a little further to learn more about what is being offered to them and how it can make their lives better.  Asking a question can prod their minds to become curious and explore your website and offer further. Use personal and emotional triggers in your written words that entice the visitor and create intrigue.

Next, make sure your landing page is clear and relevant. Make it attractive and easy to read. You want to have valuable information for the visitor here and convince them to try the product you are offering.  It is most important to be authentic in the descriptions and details about your product.  Honesty and relevancy are key points when promoting a product.

If you include a counter or clock on your landing page, you can create the feeling of urgency in taking action on this offer.  You can mention how many free offers are left or how much longer they have to get the offer.  You can increase their call to action by urging them to act without delay.

Offer testimonials on your page that will give proof that you are providing an offer that others have found helpful and reliable.  If someone sees that a client has already taken advantage of this offer and experienced positive results, they will be more inclined to participate in the offer as well.  This will encourage visitors and show your offer to be credible and worthwhile.  They will want to be sure that this offer is something worth their time and effort.

Your can provide a call to action banner or button on your webpage that assumes the visitor has already made a decision to accept your offer. This will prevent them from having to search for a method to sign up or accept the offer and will facilitate a quicker response.  You want them to know exactly what they need to do and how to do it without much effort. This can also persuade them to go ahead and try the offer if they are a little hesitant.

For the success of your business, you must track every aspect of this newly developing business. You want to keep records of the campaigns you have run, the money you are making or will make, and the amount of time you are investing in your new business.  You must track the success of keywords, where your traffic source is located, the images you are using, the designs of your landing page and where you got them.  Leave no stone unturned.  You want to rely on those things that are providing you with the most valuable prospects.  If you are experiencing poor performances, then you will want to adjust and modify the elements that are not working for you. Monitor the things you have in place, change them if leads warrant, and if they are not working, get rid of them and recreate something better.  Study conversion tracking codes and their successes.  The best method is one that lets you track your progress using the basic methods first.

If you put quality time and effort into developing a website that is attractive and worth wile for your prospect to visit, you will find that business will expand quite easily.  You will have to pay attention to detail by first researching with which companies you want to do CPA business and what type of marketing strategy you will use.  You must present a professional and dogged approach to getting things organized before you even begin. This will lay solid groundwork and become the foundation of a successful enterprise.  Carefully select the offers which you want to promote and the commissions that you will be expecting.  You should start with an offer with which you are knowledgeable and interested.  Plan to research companies before you do business with them to make sure they are legitimate and reputable. Use your quality website to promote other quality companies. You want to collect the commission promised to you by a company without any delays.

By driving high quality and strategically targeted traffic to your website, you will have leads that come with an attitude of cooperation and participation.  When you provide second opinions, or testimonials, on your landing page, visitors can be influenced to also take part in this dynamic deal.  Make your landing page representative of your business and the way the prospect will be treated while they are on your site.  Studies show you only have about 90 seconds to make your website work for you; put your best foot forward and being collecting those commissions you so richly deserve.

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