Internet Marketing Commandments

Check out the 10 Internet Marketing Commandments.

IM Commandments

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6 Responses to Internet Marketing Commandments

  1. Gregory Stewart

    I partially agree with you but long term business is bestest, if you want to make some money quick and escape to the moon maybe you are totally right but since I believe you have to live at minimun for another 30 or more years (no idea how old are you to be honest), what is best?

    Take care
    Arthur “LoudBoy”

  2. Matthew Hughes

    Speed in not money but in period of recession, speed is life, isn’t it?

  3. Sharon Anderson

    I had to download this image, where Marketing marry Marketing!
    Well, who have now idea how to start a business, this is easily to keep in mind but I’m sure most fail because of non-passion, everyone is in hurry, wrong way!

  4. Alice Peterson


  5. Donna Morgan

    I agree with Janet, keep up the good work!

  6. Janet Moore

    What is that? Horror Marketing? I already see Matteo driving a film about SEO and Marketing.
    Great work Mat, you always give us interesting articles (or even images) to think about, a good way to face our weak points and improve them.