Internet Marketing Pt.4

Tips to Help Get You Started: now that you have an idea or two on how to be a successful Internet marketer,
I do have some tips that will help make life a little bit easier for you when you start marketing your products.

Here are some of the more important ones:

Resell rights are good products to start with

If you want to try out your hand at Internet marketing and want to take a low-risk approach, then you may want to purchase resell rights to digital products.
Other Internet marketers with established names simply want to enhance their reputation; letting other marketers sell their digital products and keep the entire profits to themselves.

Examples of these digital products include guides, ebooks, software and even videos. Simply go to your preferred search engine, type “resell rights” and select the digital product that you would like to work with.
You can then experiment to your heart’s delight, or you can take this more seriously and market a whole truckload of these items for a nice, tidy profit.

Create a simple landing page that catches the eye of your customers

Visit and check out its landing page.
Notice the simplicity of the page, how brief it is, but how appealing the product is for a budding Internet marketer like you?
This is how you construct a landing page – clean, simple and straight to the point.
All the extra testimonies, promos and gee-whiz special effects will only clutter up the page and make it harder for visitors to see what you are selling.
The important thing you need to do is highlight your product and make sure visitors know what they stand to gain when they acquire your product. 

Always provide incentives for those who opt-in to mailing lists

Look at once again.
Notice that the words “FREE GIFT!” are prominently displayed at the top of the page?
Visitors to your website will be much more willing to opt into your mailing list if they stand to gain something useful without having to pay money for it.
You sign up for the mailing list for the free book, but you also sign into a mailing list to receive other offers that will meet your needs. It’s a win-win situation for the customer and the seller.  

Seed your landing page and website with keywords

One of the most basic aspects of search engine optimization involves properly seeding keywords where they are most needed.
Keywords are around two to four words long and are basically the focal points of a discussion.
For example, a website talking about tips to help budding web marketers could revolve around the keywords “Internet marketing success.”
The website addresses, page addresses, page titles, headers and the content will then have these three words contained with them all. 
Having e a specific set of keywords to define a website’s content will make it much more attractive for the search engines.

Never forget your call to action

No matter what product you sell, make sure that you clearly tell potential customers what you want them to do. “Buy now,” “click here” and “subscribe today” are some examples of calls to action that direct a potential customer to take action after being exposed to marketing.
These calls to action have been shown to be extremely effective in getting customers to commit to a particular product or service, so make sure that all your marketing efforts end with a call to action.

 In Conclusion

Internet marketing is never an easy thing.
Budding marketers need to establish themselves in an unfamiliar and extremely competitive environment, while veterans of the business always have to be in their best shape lest they lose their dominant positions to new and talented competitors.

These tips are designed to help you, the budding marketer, establish a better foothold in the world of Internet marketing.
I leave the more technical aspects to your own studies, as each individual topic like SEO and consumer psychology will require thick volumes of their own.

The real key to marketing success, however, lies not in what you know but how you approach the business as a whole.
The techniques and methods might make success easier, but you will be unable to fully appreciate their benefits unless you:

  • Are sincere, transparent, reflective, excellent, competitive, understanding, empathic, efficient, innovative, emotionally balanced and hungry for knowledge
  • Do not fear failure, pace your study of marketing, connect with your customers, build a list of productive leads, properly utilize aforementioned list, follow up on your sales, streamline work with a system, add depth and breadth to your marketing and establish a reason for pushing yourself to excel
  • Understand your product inside-out, understand the needs and wants of your customers and understand the pros and cons of the various marketing methods available to you

Oh, and one last thing – never, ever sell out your customers.
No matter how tempting it is to sell the email addresses of your customers, selling this list to third parties will instantly put you in hot water with the law and Internet authorities.
Most importantly of all, though, your customers will not appreciate being the recipients of spam email and will be quick to break of all business with you.

With that in mind, I bid you good luck in your endeavors as an Internet marketer.
You will experience a lot of ups and downs in your journey, but it will be up to you to make the most of your situation!

If you want to download the full Internet Marketing eBook (full posts: part 1 – 2 – 3 and 4), come back later and you will find the download link. Thank you.


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