Merry Christmas – A Gift for You!

merry christmasI hope that your Christmas would be enjoyable & may the essence of Christmas remains always with you.

Christmas is not Christmas without a gift… and I have 2 for you!
Do you like to listen and dance with some Euro Dance/House music?
If the answer is yes, download now:

Xmas Mix 2012 by MATFlawless
Maya Mix 2012 by MATFlawless

Probably, most of you don’t know that I’m not just a SEO Specialist but also a DJ since 1994!
However, I stopped my DJ career a few years ago and turned into music producing, from time to time I do some special DJing and mixes… and above mixes are for you!
(I admit that they aren’t perfect but I did a rush mix, be patient and enjoy the music!!)

Do you want an extra gift? Something that may be useful for your network maintenance?

Signup to my newsletter and download Hack Website Checker, developed by my good friend SEOSasa.

Basically this bot has 2 files, in the first file add a bad words list (or whatever you want to check), the second file contain your website URLs list, click Start and it does check each URL,
if one of the word is found, the URL is highlighted in Red, if no word is found Green, if Light Blue, there is a connection problem or time out from your website,
just in case you see any URL marked in Red or Light Blue, a manual check is required.
Personally, I use the bot to check if my WordPress blogs has been hacked, when I see a Red URL I clearly understand that there is something wrong 🙂


Hack Website Checker


Signup now and get Hack Website Checker for Free
(Scroll down this post and subscribe using the Optin Form)

If you have any trouble to get the download link, you are welcome to contact me 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Take care
Matteo “MATFlawless” Grasso


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