Niche Selection

This report is split into two sections.  The first section is all about getting niche ideas.
Once you have a nice list of niche ideas, section two will help you analyze the list of niches and “prune” it down to only the most profitable niches.

 May this short guide aid you in your internet marketing journeys.
You may want to use it as a resource guide whenever you’re looking to expand your business, so keep it on your desktop or somewhere it’ll be easy to find.
It’s taken years and lots of experience to learn these methods and resources that are compiled all into this one report.

Niche ideas are all around you, offline and online.

I’m about to share with you 21 resources and ways to get good ideas for niches.
Get out a pad and a pen and make a list of potential niches because you’re about to discover literally thousands of them.
I want you to write down the ones you resonate with.
Sure there are profitable niches everywhere, but the niche you choose should be something you’re at least interested in or already know about.
You don’t need to be an absolute expert in a niche to break into it.
However, it helps to have interest in it since you’ll be doing business in that niche every day.

If a niche bores you to death, then not only will it be hard to get motivated to do any work, but your lack of passion will show to potential customers and website visitors.
Another thing to consider is to choose only a niche that you feel comfortable with.  For example, Gambling niches are very profitable, but you may or may not feel comfortable with it.

The same goes for any other niche you may not be comfortable with such as Pay Day Loans.
It’s lucrative, but if you can’t sleep well at night promoting pay day loan offers, then don’t touch that niche even with a 50 foot pole.

Part 1: Getting Niche Ideas

Niche Discovery Resource #1:

For hobby niche ideas, check out and browse the various categories.

 If there’s enough interest in a subject that there’s a popular magazine based around it, then you may have a profitable niche on your hands!
Also, if you happen to have a subscription to any of the magazines at, then you can find great niche ideas by checking out the paid ads inside the magazines.

Niche Discovery Resource #2:

Offer Vault
You can search CPA offers that will give you plenty of niche ideas at Offer Vault.
One of the best parts about Offer Vault is that you don’t even have to search for anything to get profitable niche ideas.
Right when you land on the site, you’ll see the offers that are paying the highest per lead.

Niche Discovery Resource #3:

Amazon Best Sellers
You can get good physical product niche ideas by checking out the Amazon Best Sellers list.  You can browse the best selling products in any category.
Another thing you may want to take a look at for niche ideas is the Table of Contents of best selling books by using the “Look Inside” feature on
There are sub-niches galore to be discovered inside the tables of contents of these books.

Niche Discovery Resource #4:

National Enquirer Ads
The National Enquirer has the most expensive ad space of any print publication, so pay attention to the ads you see inside each issue you read.
If advertisers are paying that kind of money to run their ads, then the offers they’re running must be hot.
Take a look at what they’re advertising in these mega expensive advertisements because where there are hot offers, there are hot niche ideas.

Niche Discovery Resource #5:

eBay Pulse
You can get some great niche ideas by checking out eBay Pulse, which will tell you the most popular searches and trends on eBay.
You can also browse categories and stores on eBay to spark niche ideas.
The categories section is one of the most in-depth I’ve seen, so give it a look and see what niches are out there.

Niche Discovery Resource #6:
I’m sure you’ve seen the “For Dummies” books over the years.
If a subject has profit potential, then they make a book about it.
What most internet marketers don’t know is that is an excellent place to get niche ideas by browsing the various “For Dummies” books.

Niche Discovery Resource #7:

One great way to find out what people are talking about on forums is by using a forum search engine like BoardReader.
You can type in a topic like “Weight Loss” and find out what people are talking about in various forum threads.
Pay attention to the problems they’re talking about and get niches ideas from them, because people pay for solutions to problems.

Niche Discovery Resource #8:

Flippa is a massive marketplace for buying and selling websites.
As you look through the marketplace, pay attention to the expensive sites and ones that are making a profit because if those sites are making a profit, then why can’t you have a site in the same niche that makes a profit as well?
You can actually reverse engineer these websites in a way, to find out how their links were built, what type of content they have, and who their audience is by using a tool like Quantcast.

Niche Discovery Resource #9:

Clickbank Marketplace
If you’re a digital products marketer then you no doubt already know about ClickBank and the ClickBank Marketplace.
Besides internet marketing related products, the CB Marketplace is a great place to find niches based on Gravity.
Each product in the marketplace has a Gravity Score (Grav), which is a measurement of how many affiliates have had success promoting a product, so you can find some profitable niches by looking at the products with the highest Gravity.

Niche Discovery Resource #10:

JVZoo is a newer affiliate network, but growing by leaps and bounds.
I predict it will become one of the major affiliate networks for digital goods across all niches, so you should join and take a look at the products in the marketplace.
The best part about JVZoo is you can see the $ Per Click (the Earnings Per Click) of each product, so the higher the EPC, the higher converting it is.
Products with the highest EPCs may give you good ideas for niches that have high converting products.

Niche Discovery Resource #11:

Pay Dot Com
You can find niche ideas by also browsing the Pay Dot Com marketplace.
Pay Dot Com is another digital products affiliate network like ClickBank and JVZoo, bigger than JVZoo yet smaller than ClickBank.
The best niche ideas you can get from Pay Dot Com will come from the Top Sellers section.

Niche Discovery Resource #12:

Recurring TV Infomercials
You may or may not be a fan of infomercials, but nonetheless, they are great for conjuring up niche ideas!
When you see an infomercial running multiple times, then chances are that infomercial is profitable.  Try to figure out who the ideal customer is for that product.
You can actually promote many of these products you see in infomercials in CPA networks like Wolf Storm Media.

Niche Discovery Resource #13:

Google Trends
You’ll get a good idea of what topics are hot at any given moment by using Google Trends.
It’s also a good idea to type in subjects such as “weight loss” into Google Trends, because you’ll find related news articles.
You can get some great niche ideas from those news articles.  Just beware that trends come and go, obviously, so you may not want to base an entire business on trends.

Niche Discovery Resource #14:

Yahoo! Answers
When you’re looking to find out what kind of problems people are having and what solutions they’re looking for, Yahoo! Answers can be an almost magical tool.
If you have no idea what you’re looking for, then you can browse categories to find potential niche ideas.
If you have a question in mind, then type it into the search box to see what related questions people are asking, and try to find the most pressing problems.

Niche Discovery Resource #15: Popular Pages is where consumers go to compare products.
You’ll get niche ideas by exploring their list of Most Popular Products and Popular Pages.
Here’s one I found that I never would’ve thought of on my own: Wedding Corsages.

Niche Discovery Resource #16:

Yahoo! Shopping
Yahoo! Shopping can give you great ideas for profitable niches with their Shopping Insider articles.
Looking at the front page right now I’m getting ideas like Prom Styles and Valentine’s Day Gifts.
Browse articles by category and you’ll end up with a good list of possible niches.

Niche Discovery Resource #17:
Although got drilled by Google’s Panda update, it is still a massive resource for niche ideas for you to take a look at.
You’ll get niche ideas by browsing different categories and seeing what these authors are writing about.
If a particular author has many posts, pay attention to what subjects he or she is writing about because no body writes that many articles for no reason.  There may be profit potential.

Niche Discovery Resource #18:

Google Keyword Tool
The Google Keyword tool can be used to find sub-niches galore.  (Do a Google search for “Google Keyword Tool”).
When you have a keyword like “weight loss,” type it into the Google Keyword tool, then select “only show ideas closely related to my search terms.”
You’ll start to see long-tail keywords related to the keyword that will begin to dig deeper and find sub-niches.

Niche Discovery Resource #19:

AdSense Sandbox
AdSense Sandbox is a fun site that will show you AdSense ads that are running on sites related to the subject you submit.
When you see the ads that are running and what products and services are being promoted, you should start getting good niche ideas.
Pay close attention to the similarities of products because you may be onto something if you see the same type of product over and over.

Niche Discovery Resource #20:

Bottom Line Publications
If you’re looking for niche ideas related to Health in particular, then Bottom Line Publications is an excellent resource.
When you go to the site, browse the subjects of their books and newsletters because they are bigtime direct marketers.
If these niches are responsive to their direct marketing tactics, then they may be responsive to yours as well.

Niche Discovery Resource #21:

Mixrank will show you PPC ads that are running in various niches when you submit an advertiser, keyword, or publisher into the field.
The best part is Mixrank will tell you how long an ad has been running.
The longer an ad has been running, generally the more profitable that offer is, so you can see how you can get some niche ideas that are more likely to be profitable.  There’s a free and a paid version, but the paid version is unnecessary with what we’re trying to accomplish here.

Part 2:

Pruning Your List of Niches
By now you should have a monster list of potentially profitable niches if you went through each resource.
No worries if your list is small from only using a couple of the resources.
Now we’re going to take your list and “prune it.”
We’ll prune it down to the niches of your liking by analyzing them.
We’re not going to analyze them by using exact data or an exact science.
No niche is perfect, but there are many things to consider when deciding to do internet marketing in a niche.
The most important part of this process is finding out the things that appeal most to YOU when it comes to each niche.
Use the following 21 Questions when determining whether a niche is for you or not.
Some of the questions are about the profit potential of a niche.
Other questions are about how easy it’s going to be for you to reach your target audience on a daily basis.

Then there are questions about how fast you can grow and become a force in any given niche market.
If a niche doesn’t sit with you after asking these 21 questions then delete it from your list.
By the end you will have a handful of niches left to choose from.

Keep in mind that there are more questions than just these 21 questions you can consider when selecting a niche.
These happen to be the questions that are important to me based on my experience with internet marketing.

Besides having a general interest in a niche and being comfortable with it ethically, I want a niche to have profit potential, potential to generate easy traffic, and potential for fast growth.

Question #1:

Are there multiple products in the niche?
The first question you want to ask yourself is, are there a lot of good products?
You want to know this because you may quickly run out of good products to offer to your website visitors or e-mail list subscribers.
If you’re running AdSense or selling ad space on your website or selling ad space in your e-mail newsletter, then that’s one thing.
But if you’re going to be depending on making commissions, then it’s vital to have multiple offers you can promote.

Question #2:

How big is the problem your prospect is having?
If it’s not a hobby niche, how big is the problem the prospects are having?
Is the problem they’re having big enough that they’d be willing to part with their hard earned money to get a solution?
Maybe someone would be willing to pay for pain relief, but they wouldn’t be willing to pay to solve a lesser problem.

Question #3:

Are there potential JV partners in the niche for explosive growth?
Here’s something not many marketers consider when selecting a niche.
Are there potential Joint Venture partners already in the niche?
Are all of them so big that they would never consider doing a JV deal with you?
Or are they so small that it wouldn’t matter if they did a JV deal with you?
There’s no faster way to grow a business than by using Joint Venture deals, so it’s something to consider.

Question #4:

Does it make sense to build a list in the niche or not?
Are other internet marketers in the niche building an e-mail subscriber list?
Would it make sense to build a list in the niche?
You may or may not want to get into a niche where it’s a must to build a list in order to make nice profits.
Take a look around at the competitors and see if they have opt-in forms on their websites or not.
Join their lists and see what it would be like to market in that niche.

Question #5:

How expensive is available ad inventory in the niche?
One major thing you have to consider before getting into a new niche is how easy it will be to reach your target audience.
If you’re looking to pay for traffic, then you’ll want to see how expensive the ad inventory is for that market.
For example, you’ll find the costs vary when bidding on keywords and URLs using CPV networks like LeadImpact and also when bidding on PPC keywords with Google AdWords.

Question #6:

Will it be easy to generate free traffic in this niche?
If you’re looking at going the free traffic route, then take a look around at how easy (or hard) it would be to reach your target prospects in a particular niche using free methods.
You can use the Google Keyword Tool to discover generally how competitive keywords are in a niche.
Also try to do some digging around and find out if your competitors are successfully using other free sources like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

If they can do it, then why not you?

Question #7:

Are there high end products or services at $1,000 or more in the niche?
Are there products or services being sold at $1,000, $5,000, or even $10,000 in a niche?
Not many niches have customers who actively spend $1,000 or more on a single product or service.
If you can find many offers in your niche in those price ranges, then that’s a good sign that you can make easy money in your niche.
Because in a niche where high end products are being sold often, you’ll find it’s easier to make 1 sale at $1,000 than 100 sales at $10.

Question #8:

Are there continuity programs like membership sites in the niche?
It’s easier to make dependable income when there are continuity programs in a niche.
I’m talking about membership sites, subscriptions, etc.
They are especially lucrative when there are services that customers need and will keep paying for month after month.
Webhosting and auto-responder services come to mind.

Question #9:

How fast do vendors pay out in the niche and do they pay out at all?
When vendors don’t pay out fast or if they don’t pay at all, then that can cripple your business in itself.
That’s why I recommend staying away from any affiliate programs that aren’t on networks like ClickBank, for the most part. There are exceptions to the rule.
Many product vendors wait up to 90 days to pay out commissions, and many don’t pay out at all because either they’re dirty or they’re not responsible enough with their money.
If the only available affiliate programs in your niche aren’t on affiliate networks then my advice is to avoid them like the plague.

Question #10:

Are exact match domains available in the niche?
While this isn’t a must, it can give you an edge when it comes to free traffic from Google.
An exact match domain is a domain name (.com preferably) that matches a keyword you want to rank for in Google.
One easy way to find whether there are exact match domains available in your niche is to take your keyword list and copy and paste it into GoDaddy Bulk Domain Register.
You can use that feature on GoDaddy to find out whether there are exact match domains available without actually buying the domains through GoDaddy.

Question #11:

Could you create a product in this niche?
Having your own product gives you maximum leverage in a niche.
You can create cross promotion deals with JV partners and you can sit back and let your affiliate army crush your offer with traffic all day long.
If it’s a physical product you must create in a niche, then that may be something you can’t do.
As for digital products, if you don’t have the expertise in a niche, then there may be Private Label Rights material available on the web that you can use to aid you in creating a respectable product.

Question #12:

Will it be easy to build your authority in the niche?
Having your own product is honestly the ultimate way to build authority in a niche.
Another way is by having JV partners who customers associate you with, so you’re borrowing your JV partner’s credibility in a way.
A popular blog can also give you authority in a niche.
Are there already authority blogs in the niche you’re looking at?  If so, then you may also be able to have one yourself.

Question #13:

Do you already have knowledge of this niche?
It’s much easier to enter a niche when you already have knowledge or expertise in it.
You don’t have to be an expert, but being an intermediate is enough to share what you know information-wise.
If you have a burning desire to learn more about a niche, then that can help in entering a niche as well.
In that role you’re more of a reporter than an authority figure.

Question #14:

Are people spending money in this niche?
Many hobbies are popular and solutions for problems are searched for all over the net, but that doesn’t mean they spend money on it.
In this case you’ll need to verify whether there are buyers in the niche or not by checking out bestseller lists using the resources in Part 1.
It’s easy to make the mistake of choosing a popular yet unprofitable niche, so make sure you “do your homework” on this.

Question #15:

Is coaching being sold in the niche?
Everyone knows there’s good money to be made in coaching, whether internet marketing coaching, life coaching, etc.
Coaching packages are sold for thousands of dollars, so if you’re a good lead generator then you can either sell your own coaching packages or generate leads for coaches who do sell packages.
They can afford to spend more on leads you generate for them because they’re charging high prices.

Question #16:

Are there pay per lead offers in this niche?
Promoting Pay Per Lead Offers can be much more profitable than Pay Per Sale Offers, which you may be accustomed to.
It’s easier to get someone to fill out a form than buy something.
If there are Pay Per Lead Offers in the niche, then you may have an easier time converting your traffic into money.

Question #17:

Will it be easy to stand out from the crowd in this niche?
Some niches have a crazy amount of competition, but that doesn’t mean you should be scared to enter them.
Is there a way you can stand out from the crowd in a competitive niche?
Think about it, because standing out can help you stomp your competition into the ground.
This has a lot to do with positioning.  Maybe you have expertise in a sub-niche that you can share that will put you head and shoulders above your competition.

Question #18:

Are there webinars or teleseminars in the niche?
Webinars and teleseminars generate sales like crazy, but not every niche is responsive to them.
In any niche you need a vehicle to make money, so if there are webinars and teleseminars in a niche, then chances are you can do the same thing or promote them as an affiliate.
While the average conversion rate of a sales letter online is roughly 1%, webinars and teleseminars convert generally around 10% or more.

Question #19:

Are there call centers in this niche?
What converts even higher than webinars and teleseminars, is one-on-one phone selling, so keep an eye out for it in the niche you’re assessing.
Just beware that many call centers are dirty.
However, just using the phone to sell will increase your conversion rates to as much as 50% depending on how the lead was generated.
If there are call centers in a niche, then you can also use the power of the telephone to close more sales.

Question #20:

Is this niche related to Health, Wealth, or Relationships?
If the niche you’re looking at is related to Health, Wealth, or Relationships, then you may have a mass market on your hands.
Health, Wealth, and Relationships-related products and services are known to be cash cows.
Also, the traffic potential is generally higher when related to Health, Wealth, and Relationships.

Question #21:

Are there many searches in Google in this niche?
Take a look at the Google Keyword Tool (type “Google Keyword Tool” into Google to find it).
If you see low traffic levels for keywords in your niche, then it doesn’t make much sense to choose this niche.

Sure the competition is likely low.  However, there’s usually a reason for that.  Probably, there are a lack of customers.

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