Pinterest – How A Picture Can Be Worth Thousands To Your Business

 The saying a picture is worth a thousand words has never meant so much to online marketing as it does today.
A single picture you could say is worth a thousand dollars if used properly.

That is if the picture is “pinned”, “repinned” and “repinned” some more.
If you’re confused you’re not alone. Many business owners have yet to realize the potential that lies with the newest picture sharing site Pinterest.

You may be wondering how sharing a picture can help your business.
Or you may already know what Pinterest is but are unsure of how it can benefit your business on a marketing level.
The simple answer is that it is a social media site and social media is currently one of the fastest growing marketing techniques for any form of business.

Social media marketing takes advantage of one of the greatest methods of marketing that has been around for years, word of mouth.
Nothing sells a company better than word of mouth advertising.
Hearing from a close personal friend or family member that you’ve got to have this product will outsell some stranger telling you how great it is.

Pinterest capitalizes on this. It allows you to have word of mouth marketing using pictures of your products.
All you need is a picture that represents your business or products, a few “pinners” following your account and you are set to go.

You post a picture of your products on one of your boards (much like an online cork board) and other pinners are able to take that picture pin it to their boards and spread your product like wildfire.
Your picture has a short blurb and a link back to your site where they can purchase your product or get more information.
And suddenly you have an entirely new form of bringing in customers and traffic!

Pinterest And Videos – It Can Be Done

Many people know that Pinterest is a social media platform that is also a photo sharing site but what a lot of people don’t realize is that it is also a video sharing site.
That is, if you share a video link on Pinterest the video will become embedded into your image for Pinterest and you’ve got another great traffic source.

What does this mean for your business?

Well first off it means if you don’t have pictures readily available but have videos already on Youtube and the internet, you’re already good to go.
No time wasted looking for photos, you can start pinning right away and begin utilizing Pinterest and all it’s traffic goodness!

It also means that you can maximize on Youtube as well. Look at it this way.
If you already have a Youtube account that is doing fairly well and has been accepted to have ads, you can further capitalize on it by posting your videos to Pinterest.
Then you have yet another source of traffic and another source of income for your business.
Utilizing both sites to their full potential will only mean major traffic and rewards for your business and your pocket book.

Another great side effect of doing this is getting high quality backlinks to your videos, which will further help your cause by getting them better rankings within the search engines.
Nothing like doing double duty with no added work!

And of course you can also use Pinterest in the traditional way with pictures and images as well.
Mix up your boards with a healthy combination of both images and video and your traffic should surge and you could end up with more customers than you know what to do with.

The time is now to begin using Pinterest.
With more than 10 million users there are plenty of customers waiting to discover your business and your product, all you got to do is go out there and do it.

What are you waiting for? The time is now to start pinning.

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