Ranking Well, Zero Traffic?

No TrafficIf you are reading this article, there is a strong chance that you have put in a lot of effort, time and money into a SEO project and you have failed to get desirable results or results that can be a good return for your efforts. When after all the hard work and time consuming SEO tasks, your website finally reach the top 10 and start showing in the first page of Google, you start believing that your revenue will explode from now on.

You wait for the traffic, and the wait keeps getting longer and longer. It is a great disappointment to have your site ranked in the first page of Google and not getting any traffic, this can make a person disappointed enough to leave the SEO game once and for all.

1. First thing that I would like to tell you is that there are quite a few mistakes that people make while performing and checking your rankings. Sometimes you are actually not ranking well, people do sometimes get in trap of personalized search that is just started by Google, this way you see sites that you visit frequently in search results. Due to this reason you may end up seeing your website quite high in the search results. But it will be showing high only for you and not for others.

2. Your keywords are just not that good, this is the most common mistake, and I did it myself as well when I was starting my online marketing journey. Take it seriously, when people say that keyword research is an integral part of SEO, it really is. If you choose wrong keywords, you would be wasting months, ranking for a keyword that is not going to give you any benefit in the end. E.g. I normally don’t go after keywords that show less than 5000 exact searches in Google Adwords keyword tool. If you are targeting a keyword that is less than 500 exact searches than I am sure you will not be getting any traffic whatsoever even if you get on the 1st position. It’s not all about the number of exact searches but also the relevance of keyword and the exact kind of your website. You don’t want to target people that are looking for car maintenance tips while running a site that actually sale cars. That is why I always recommend hiring professional SEO in order to do this crucial work for you.

3. Your description and title is not relevant to what user is searching for: You must use relevant and call to action title and description tag, because these are the only things that a user sees before visiting your website. So, if they don’t grab user`s attention your link is not going to get clicked, and you will lose lots of potential visitors. Google Adwords keyword tool is a phenomenal tool, it not only tells you which keywords are searched for how many times, but also tells you how that keyword is performing for your competitor, this way you get 100% of your work done almost immediately with no effort, you can filter out some great keywords for your business that can bring huge ROI for you, of course there are outthere more powerful tools.

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