SEO Companies Scam?

SEO Company ScamTips on identifying a scam Company
There are a lot of advantages that SEO can offer to your website. This is a known fact and this is why many people are searching for a good SEO company. As SEO is a high demanded service these days, many SEO companies appear every to take a piece of the market.

Unfortunately, a lot of them are simply scams that try to take your money and offer inexistent or bad services. They just hit and run because they do not care about reputability.

There are a lot of skills and a lot of experience needed in order to implement a good SEO strategy. There are a lot of SEO companies that have people without skills and experience. The SEO market is full of scammers so you should be aware. In this article you will find a few tips on identifying a scam SEO company so that you will be able to avoid them.

One very important way of identifying a scam SEO company is by noticing the way they market themselves. If you receive a mass email from one of these companies, chances are they are scammers. This is because a reputable company will not use these techniques for advertising themselves. Scam companies have no prior results so they need to advertise this way.

Scam SEO companies will guarantee over night success in many cases. If you will notice a SEO company guarantees that you will be on top pages after a week, you have to know that it is a scam company. Also, in some cases, they will simply claim that they can bring you on top pages for some unique keyword.

You should know that you need generic terms there in order to make some money with your website and attract a lot of traffic. It is quite easy to bring a website up for a unique keyword such as “football players and wives exposed”. On the other hand, it is quite hard to have the same results with a general keyword such as “football”.

Some of the best scam SEO companies will indicate fake portfolios for being more credible. If you suspect something you should go to the indicated websites and check signatures at the bottom of their websites. You can even contact the website administrators in order to see of the SEO company really managed their campaigns.

One very important aspect of a SEO company is their age. If they have been around for several years, chances are they are not a scam SEO company. On the other hand, if they have just appeared on the market, you should be very careful.

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