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Google PandaIn case you didn’t know the most popular SEO tool namely Google has recently added to its algorithm latest Panda update.
This may be a good idea or not. This question is still present on everyone’s mind. Until now it was released in the US.

You may be interested to know what novelty this thing will bring to you, and this is why in this article you will be able to read a few info regarding this subject.

The main question and worry of the people is how this will change their SEO regarding their websites and if it is on their favor or not.
Even if you may not believe it there are important sites and very known ones with high traffic which were affected by this change and to give a simple example Enzine Articles which is very visited by many people was a bit affected by these changes.

What is this Panda update and what it does more exactly?
The main thing it does is to select the articles with real important content and eliminate the others.
This is why sites like the one mentioned above were affected. In this case this type of update is forcing you to be more selective when you publish on your site different articles.
It is not important just to post articles so you gain traffic but to post important and quality articles. The internet is filled with poor quality articles which are just occupying too much space.
This strategy was used by people who are into pay per click type of winnings.

In conclusion Panda update is trying to improve the quality of the info you can get on the Internet and eliminate scams and poor quality articles.
In the last period of time people used the internet for many things including earning money online from publishing articles and along with them adding ads of different companies or stores etc.
Taking in consideration the need people seems to have for proper info the Panda update is very important to not lose time reading stupid articles with meaningless words.
In one word yes it can affect the traffic on your website. You need to be less superficial and learn how to write and what you should write about.
In case you don’t have a problem with that you can be happy because this type of update will only help you in gaining the needed traffic you are searching for.

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