SEO History

SEO HistoryEveryone knows the importance of the Internet.
Practically today you can’t do anything without it. Here is where you can find everything you may be searching for no matter if it is about stores, books, info regarding different services.

Here is the place where you can find sites from which you can buy stuff you can request services or where you can read interesting articles.
This is why most people who own a business have also a website to promote their business.
The issue is how to find it faster. There are a multitude of businesses out there and if they can’t be found they can die as fast as they emerged.

The way they can be found is through SEO help.

What is SEO?
The full name is Search engine optimization and is maybe the time to find out more about SEO history.

The first time this idea emerged was in the middle 90′.
This was the moment when people realized the importance of the higher traffic on their websites.
At the beginning to be able to find something you had to introduce a certain page address and most of the websites were alphabetized.
The SEO name really appeared in 1997. As anything else developed these search engines technology developed as well so things can be done easier and more effective.
In time people realized the importance of the density of the keywords used when you are searching for a certain website.
The main problem was that these search engines were affected by link manipulations.

What this means?
This means that not all the time the results were as expected and false pages showed up instead of the real ones.
This is why the search engines creators tried to find solutions to solve this problem as well so the results will be more and more satisfying.
The year of 2004 was a crucial year and from then the improvements started to be seen.
There were many other factors added to the SEO algorithms so the results were much more satisfactory.

As you may already know Google is one of the most popular search engines because of its complexity and the way it updates all the time giving to all the users the opportunity to find things much more easier.
In 2005 Google overcame the competition and became what it still is today.
In 2009 appeared Google instant which proved to be one of the best innovations ever regarding search engines tools.

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