Skytop Servers – High Quality Windows Servers

I wanted to make pass along a useful little service that one of my business partner has recently made me a part of.
If you’re familiar with Windows Servers, or VPS’s.. they’re essentially “remote” machines that can run applications, host websites and much more.

This is great for maintaining complete anonominity and keeping profiles seperate from eachother, you can also run your marketing tools on these servers 24/7 utilizing their 100Mbps bandwidth.
This leaves your home PC free from resource usage of your apps, bandwidth usage of your apps and much more.

I’d like to offer you guys an awesome coupon that will save you money month over month. here’s how to get started.
Go here: Skytop Servers and use the following promo code (based off of which plan you select)

Each coupon saves you QUITE an amount, and this coupon is RECURRING.
Meaning that you’re locked in at these prices.

Many competing services charge more than TRIPLE what these guys do so this is a deal I’d hop on ASAP, there are only 10 coupons available so act fast!

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