Twitter MySpace FacebookJust recently we all have witnessed a great hype in social networking; we have been seeing people sitting for hours on social networking websites just for fun.
Sites like facebook, twitter and myspace have exploded in terms of traffic, their traffic and data control has almost become uncontrollable.

Hence we, internet marketers believe that the opportunities are endless when it comes to social marketing.

Facebook just recently hit the mark of 800 million users, we all know that the numbers are not going to stay stationary at any time; they will keep on going up.
Facebook and twitter are probably the most popular of all of those sites, because of their ease of use, and user friendly nature.
Even new mobile phones are coming with built in application that give 1 click access to facebook.

You ever wondered why Facebook has become so popular and has attained the attention of millions of people.
Just because they have built it to solve some of the basic tasks of human nature (i.e. build friends and get socialized).

Facebook can be easily used to increase your web traffic and your web presence. Because facebook allows you to create a specific page/group for your website and share your links all over facebook.
There is no way, why you cannot use it to your internet marketing techniques.

“SMO” short of Social Media Optimization is an incredibly useful way of increasing your website`s traffic and search engine rankings.
This does not mean that you should start spamming the social media sites with your links to increase the traffic; it means that you have to utilize this form of advertisement sensibly to get a steady stream of income and traffic to your site. This can be really useful if done properly.

Social media marketing is normally considered as viral marketing, as it allows other people to promote your website on your behalf, and bringing you some good traffic and popularity.
Also everything is free on these social networking sites so there is no financial risk involved in this.
As with any other SEO technique it may require you some time to get familiarize with the platform and how things work on facebook before you can start promoting your business there.
Otherwise it may end up in a ban for you.

This kind of marketing is much different than the standard SEO, as SEO takes heaps of time and effort before showing even slightest of results and bringing you any traffic while social media marketing can result in huge traffic almost immediately.
You can setup your campaign almost in few hours, and see results over night.
All you have to do is to check whether everything is done within the rules and regulations of facebook.

Creating a strong facebook fan page allows you to have a deeper and closer relationship with your customers and keep them updated with your latest products and services.
And this relationship will last much longer than any other type of marketing, this can really change the way you do business.

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