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FacebookFacebook Superstar: The Troll Management Expert

Put up a ‘Policy Page’
The policy page should clearly state the things and behavior that you will not tolerate on your page.
Although try not to sound too bossy when writing down the list of do’s and don’ts. Try using ‘avoid’ instead of ‘never’. And do not forget to use the word ‘please’.

Closely and regularly monitor every posts made by subscribers
People around the globe can make posts on your Facebook page round the clock. With every second that passes by, a new post and/or comment may have already been made by someone. So keep watch.

Check the page ‘regularly’
‘Regularly’ means you should check your page at regular intervals (e.g. every 1 hour, every 5 hours, every day, etc.).
Set a time interval that is convenient to you.

Hire someone to monitor the page at regular intervals
You might not have the time to check your Facebook page regularly.
In which case, it is advisable that you hire a page moderator – someone will monitor and maintain your page.

Quickly remove Spams
Some people will attempt to post spams on your page. You may think it is okay to leave them.
However, viewers will get the impression that you are not maintaining your page properly.

Remove potentially damaging comments
Some people, for many different reasons, will try to say bad things about your company and your products/services.
They are the detractors. Quickly remove any posts from them before other people sees.

Never fall to argumentation
There are those that will attempt to provoke you into answering back. That is what they want.
They want to make you look bad. Avoid entering into argumentations no matter what. You must be professional.

Answer questions politely
There are those that will ask you questions through posts and comments. Whether they are polite, aggressive, pushy, or just trying to annoy you, it is necessary that you answer them politely.
Do not argue. Simply provide the answer to their question.

Avoid ignoring crucial questions
Sometimes, a detractor will ask a question that will attract the attention and interest of your subscribers.
If you do not provide an answer, your subscribers will think that you are dodging the question and that you are hiding something.
You will leave an unanswered question in their mind. You must avoid this.

Ban repetitively abusive users
Depending on the gravity of the offense, you may choose to simply warn an abusive user.
But if he/she is repetitively breaking your rules and policies (e.g. posting hate comments), you may need to take the appropriate course of action.

Facebook Superstar: The SEO Expert

Find the most-searched keywords in your category
To be an SEO expert, you must be good in generating keywords.
You can do this using Google AdWord – a tool that can generate the most searched keywords for a particular market.
You can use the generated keywords to write SEO powered articles.

Include the main keyword in the page title
You will generate many keywords. But there is always just one main keyword. Include this keyword in the title of your page.
This way, your Facebook page will have better chances of making it to the top search results of Google when someone searches for a related keyword.

Include the main keyword in the URL
This has the same effect as including your main keyword in your title page.
Facebook will automatically give you a URL name when you sign up. You can change this in the settings.
Replace the default URL name and include the main keyword on the new URL name.

Use secondary keywords in your regular posts
If the main keyword is to be used in the URL and title page, where will you use the secondary keywords? You can use them in the short articles that you post.
But do not forge to still include the main keyword along with the secondary keywords.

Do not give up quality when integrating keywords/phrases
In their attempt to integrate keywords to their articles, some writers end up sacrificing the quality and sincerity of the article.
Do not resort to this. Quality should still be your priority.

Update the keywords used on regular intervals
The most searched keywords change after some time. As such,
AdWords may not generate the same results as it did a week or even a day ago. So always generate new keywords on regular intervals.
Update your Facebook page using the new set of keywords.

Facebook Superstar: The Link Expert

Post links to related news articles
This is one way to keep your viewers tuned to your page.
If you see an online article that is related to your market niche,
especially those by reputable sources such as Times Magazine online, it would be a good idea to share that page on your Facebook profile.

Post links to related video clips
You may also find online videos that talk about your market niche.
If the content of those videos are of interest to your viewers, you can link them to you Facebook page.
Facebook Superstar: The Information Expert

Announce promos and events through your Facebook page
If you have promos, it would be a good idea to announce them through your Facebook page (e.g. we will offer 50% discount on selected items from Jan 15 to January 18).
After some time, your subscribers will realize that you are announcing your promos through Facebook.
This way, they will keep visiting your page to check for your next promo offer.

Announce business changes through your Facebook page
If there are some changes in your business (new products, days closed, service hours, etc.), announce them through your Facebook page.
It will not only inform your subscribers, but it will also alleviate the authenticity of your page.

Reveal only the physical address of the office
This has to do with safety. Be transparent enough by revealing the physical address of your office. This will also help with authenticity.
But there is no need to reveal the physical address of the admins and the company employees.

Reveal only the contact information of the office
The same goes with the contact information. You should refrain from disclosing the contact information of your admins and employees.
If they have a dedicated email address used for the sole purpose of entertaining customers, you may disclose that email ID then.

Be discreet in withholding information about the admin
To avoid identity theft, you should be discreet in withholding information about your admins and employees.
People with ill intention may use the personal information of other people for their benefit. It can be used for conning, scamming, and deceiving.

Link Facebook and Yahoo Messenger
This will help you stay updated on everything that is happening on your Facebook page. When someone posts something,
you will know right away via your Yahoo Messenger.

Access Facebook via mobile phone
This is for mobility. If you can access your Facebook page through your mobile phone, then you will always stay updated.
You can even make posts using your mobile phone.
Facebook Superstar – The Page Moderator

Hire a page moderator
With a diligent page moderator, your Facebook page will be easily maintained.
And with a page moderator, negative comments will be removed earlier.

Divide the task among employees
You may not need to hire another person to do the task of a page moderator.
You may simply divide the task among your existing employees. For example, you may task employee A to monitor the page every 8 AM, employee B every 10 AM, employee C every 12 PM, and such.

Limit the actions of your moderator
You moderator should know his/her limits. He/she should not make decisions for your company.
He/she should only make posts according to your instructions.

Make sure your moderator understands your values
You moderator may be authorized to make replies.

In which case, he/she must understand your ideals and your policies especially when it comes to politeness and self-control.

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