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Manage multiple social media accounts
Managing multiple social media accounts is difficult.
But this tool allows you to do the task with more ease.
Sign up and use Hootsuite to manage all your social media accounts.
Make scheduled message posts
You can pre-program Hootsuite to make blog posts and Tweets.
Of course, you have to prepare the messages in advance.
Track brand mentions
A subscriber or a commenter might inconspicuously mention other brands in your page.
Track this activity and see what their comment is all about.

View analysis report
This will make it easier for you to analyze how well your social media account is doing.
Reports like traffic flow will be very useful to you.

Use RSS feeds
This will allow you to auto-update your social media accounts via news feed or from your blog.
Enjoy the free account offers a free service. The features available are limited but most businesses will do with it.
The free account offers the following features: manage 5 social profiles, use quick reports, use message scheduling, have 2 RSS feeds.
Use the paid service
If you are the demanding user and you manage quite a few more social media accounts than regular, you might need a paid service.
The paid Hootsuite service offers the following additional features: control unlimited profiles, use analytics reports, use Google analytics integration,
use Facebook insights integration, have unlimited RSS feeds, have 2 free users

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