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TwitterTwitter Superstar: The Image Expert

Maintain a good follower/following ratio
If you are following more people than the number of people following you, it will not create a good image for you.
There should always be more people that follow you.

Generate followers
The start is the most difficult part. Ask people that you know to follow you on Twitter.
They could be relatives, employees, friends, and friend of friends.

Be selective on who to follow
As already mentioned, you need to follow only a limited number of Twitter users.
As such, you need to be selective.
Follow only those that matters.

Maintain a professional attitude
People do not usually mind what others say. But since your Twitter account represents a company, they will be sensitive to the things that you will say.
Be professional at all times so as not to create a bad image for your company.

Be diligent in replying
You will appear as a snob if you refrain too often from replying to the questions of your followers.
Unlike Facebook, Twitter puts more highlight on replies. Be diligent in replying.

Use the company name and logo
This is one way to authenticate that you Twitter account is really connected to your company.
It is also one way to isolate your page from possible posers.

Be connected to popular groups
Do not just follow any popular group. The popular group that will follow must be connected to your market niche.
If you are selling baby products for example, it might be a good idea to follow the Twitter page of Gerber, Huggies, and other popular baby product brands.
The Twitter Superstar: Crowd Management Expert

Ban abusive users
These are called trolls. Some people will seek to tarnish your public image. Maybe they are people who were once displeased with your service or product.
If they continue to be abusive, simply ban them from your page.

Check what people are saying about you
People will talk about you. Always check what they are saying.
If you detect any libelous comments, you have the power to report them to Twitter.

Avoid controversial comments
These are comments that may attract negative reactions.
Avoid making such comments.

Avoid reacting to controversial topics
You have the power to reply to the public messages of others.
ut you must limit your use of this power.
You must especially steer clear from controversial topics (e.g. religion, racial topics, politics, etc.).

Provide discreet contact and address information
This will give people an impression that you have nothing to hide.
Provide the office phone number and physical address of your business/company.


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