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1 Edit your profile page

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, you have greater freedom when it comes to customizing your Youtube profile page.
Take this advantage to make your page look more attractive to other users.
You can stand out this way.

2 Sport a page design that suits the nature of your business

Do not just sport any page design and theme that you personally prefer. Instead, you must sport a design that suits the nature of your business. For example, it might be wise to use a cartoonish theme if you are selling toys. On the other hand, you might want a more serious approach if your target customers are professionals.

3 Be creative on a professional level

You need to be creative with your page design. However, you must do so in a professional way. Do not just be playful. Put some finesse into it. Your viewers will appreciate this and will think that you pay serious attention to ‘quality’.

4 Hire an expert to do the task

Do you not have the skills to pull off a good page design? Then hire someone else to do it for you. You can outsource this task to online freelancers.


5 Change page design according to season/event/holiday

An attractive design will not stay attractive for too long. People will soon grow tired of it. Offer something new by changing your page design according to season/event/holiday (e.g. Christmas theme, Halloween theme, Sales day theme, etc.).


6 Avoid being over-decorated

In your pursuit to have an attractive page design, you might end up overdoing things. This is a mistake that many online marketers make. The result? Their page looks unattractively shabby.


YouTube Superstar – The Crowd Control Expert


7 Include a list of policies

On Youtube, commenters are mostly anonymous. As a result, many users feel safe and at ease making destructive, insulting, and negative comments. Therefore, you must clearly state in your page what behavior you will not tolerate.


8 Delete damaging comments

Despite posting a list of policies, some will still do as they please. You should always be on the watch for destructive comments. Delete them immediately before anyone else sees.


9 Discourage arguments

Sometimes, hate comments are not directed towards you. Clashes can happen amongst commenters themselves. Halt such arguments right away. You can delete their comments, give them warning, or ban them from your page.


10 Monitor your main page and videos regularly

Youtube is live 24/7. Comments may be posted while you are sleeping, taking a bath, or making your dinner. A bad post can be made anytime. You should always be on the lookout. Monitor your Youtube page regularly.


11 Hire a moderator

You have other things to do in life. You may also be busy with work. Therefore, it might be wise to hire a page moderator – someone who will maintain the page on your behalf.


12 Be polite at all times

You may need to reply to the questions of some of your viewers and subscribers. When you do, you should always be polite. You have to be polite even if the other person is being difficult to deal with.


13 Ban abusive users

You may start with a warning. But if a user is repetitively abusive, you have the option of banning him/her from your page.


14 Restrict comments if necessary

You have the option of turning off the comments feature. But use this sparingly.


15 Restrict Thumbs Up if necessary

You have the option of turning off the Thumbs Up feature. But use this sparingly.


YouTube Superstar – The Authentic Page


16 Use company logo and name

Viewers must know that your Youtube page belongs to your business/company. Start by decorating your Youtube page with your company logo and name. Make sure that it also appears in each of your videos.


17 Get rid of spams immediately

How do spams affect the authenticity of your page? If you are unable to control spams, people will think that you are not capable of maintaining your page. This will affect how people view you.


18 Provide a link to your main website

Another way to tell people that you are authentic is to provide a link that will direct people to your company’s official website (if you have one). Also, your official website must provide a link that will direct people to your Youtube page.


19 Keep your videos top-notch

If your videos are of low quality, people will surely relate it to the quality standards of your company.


20 Post a welcome video

Make at least one video that welcomes Youtube users to your Youtube page. It must be delivered by one of the top officials of your company (owner, manager, supervisor, CEO, etc.).


YouTube Superstar – The Easy-To-Find Content


21 Use tags

Without tags, the videos you uploaded will likely stay invisible in the video archives of Youtube. Make your video visible by adding as many tags as possible.


22 Know what tags to use

What single-word terms should you use as tags? It could be any word that is related to the video. With a video that talks about ‘television’ for example, related tags could include the following: flat, screen, LCD, plasma, 3D, HD, etc.


23 Use appropriate title

The title of your video will also determine if your video is hard to find or not. Make sure that your video’s title is complete and best describes the content of the video.


24 Provide a good description

You might want to include all the keywords in the title of your video. But that is not possible nor is it attractive to do so. You have the chance of mentioning the rest of the keywords and secondary keywords in the description box.


25 Add related pages to your friends list

There may be other pages that are somewhat related to your market niche.
If those pages already have a large subscriber base, it will benefit you to add those pages in your friends list.
This way, you are exposing your page to their subscribers.

Maybe some of them will subscribe to your page as well.

Facebook and Twitter tips will comes in the next articles, STAY TUNED 🙂


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