Understanding Hosting Fundamentals

If you are serious about your business you will need to have your own website.
Having control over this site is important. You need access to the site at any time and the ability to upload any form of content.
One way to achieve this is by opening up your own hosting account.

Remember with a free website you have no control over how long it will be hosted for. You can easily wake up one morning and the site is gone, along with all your hard work!

Hosting can be confusing so to help you understand why you need hosting I will try to explain the concept of hosting fundamentals.

Every webpage or blog has pages full of content including text, images and videos. For people to access these pages the entire site has to be accessible. This is done by purchasing a domain name and then hosting the name on the internet.

The hosting portion is done by a hosting company. For a fee they will allow you to upload your content and make it viewable for visitors.

Hopefully you now understand why you need hosting. It allows you to have secure web pages on line and gives you control over how your site looks and what type of content you place on it.

Choosing Your Web Host

Of course there are plenty of hosting companies to choose from. To help you narrow your choices down take the following points into consideration. You will then be able to make a wise hosting decision.

  • Is this a personal or business site?
  • Do you have a budget for hosting?
  • How big do you plan or growing your website?
  • Do they offer Cpanel?
  • Are you uploading lots of images?
  • Will you require a shopping cart and payment method?
  • Do you plan on installing a forum?
  • If running a business will you need to set up an affiliate program?
  • What type of security does your site require?
  • Does the hosting company offer website templates?
  • Will your account allow for growth or upgrading if and when you require more space?
  • Is there a support desk and an online customer service system?

As well as thinking about what features you want for your site you need to think about how much work you are prepared to do if things go wrong! Does the hosting company offer free support or will they charge you extra to go into your account and fix something?

Each web hosting company offers different packages and features. Be sure to check each one at and make comparisons before making your final decision.

Understanding Virtual Hosting

The term virtual hosting can often be misleading. Basically it is another term for shared hosting.  Hosting is accomplished by using servers.

Virtual hosting is when numerous domain names are shared on the same server. This one server will share certain features like memory and processing cycles without needing these services to be pointed to the same hosting name.

For example this allows you and a friend to share the same server, but each of you wouldn’t have access to the other person’s files or information. The hosting company provides each of you with a separate log in account. You have access to your own domain names and files but nothing else.

Because of the shared feature virtual hosting is cheaper than paying for a dedicated hosting account.

A virtual service uses two methods for hosting. Name hosting and IP based hosting.  Name based is more commonly used and the cheaper of the two. When a protocol is served it must supply the name at some point.

With IP based virtual hosting the IP address is used at some point in the protocol. Each domain name must have its own IP address and this is the point that drives the price up for this type of hosting.

Many marketers don’t want to have all their domain names coming from the same IP address. Imagine renting out IP addresses for each domain that you own.

It is also possible to have a virtual hosting account that incorporates a mixture of name and IP based hosting. Again planning your website and business will allow you to see if this is a service you require.  Whether you need it immediately or not if you are planning on running lots of domains it might be option to keep open. Check to see if your hosting provider even offers this type of service, so you can upgrade when necessary.

Virtual web hosting is normally taken on by large companies and corporations. Many hosting companies themselves are on a virtual web hosting plan. This is how they offer the service to you as a customer!

Internet and computer technology can sometimes be overwhelming to understand.
Hopefully you now have a better understanding of what virtual hosting actually consists of. It is always best to educate yourself ahead of time.

You don’t want to be paying for services that you will ever use.

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