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Online Video MarketingVideo marketing is the process of using videos to promote your products, services, or websites.
You’ve probably heard of the world’s largest video website,
Online videos are HOT and are great for establishing expert status in your niche as well as connecting with your local customers.

Online video is steadily becoming the next biggest thing in Internet Marketing – if it isn’t already. The same thing happened with TV commercials back in the day!

However, TV commercials are no where near as effective as online marketing methods anymore.

Here are 5 main benefits of online videos:
·        Help You Develop Expert Status
·        Help You Engage Website Visitors & Increases Conversions
·        Help You Increase Website Traffic
·        They Run on 24/7 on Auto-pilot
·        They Set You Apart from Your Competitors

Everyone is online… and most people spend a LOT of time watching videos while surfing the web.

In fact, approximately 50% of people who watch an online video will take action… whether it is to download a free report, click on your website link, subscribe to your newsletter, or whatever you want them to do.
Because of this, video marketing will help increase traffic to your website so you should get amazing results by combining the both them together.
If you don’t have a website, do not worry… you can still utilize the power of online videos on increase business.
But get this… Did you also know that approximately 12% of people who visit a website with videos will end up buying from that site?

This conversion rate is amazing compared to non-video website conversions!

So, why is video so powerful?

The answer is simply that online videos are quickly becoming the preferred method for taking in information online.
People would rather spend 1-3 minutes watching a video than taking 10-20 minutes reading text.
Not only that, but using video allows you to communicate the important points you want to get over to your target audience in very little time.
Another note about video is that not only can you place them on your website for your visitors to see, but you can also distribute them all over the Internet for maximum exposure!
Websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and many others make it extremely easy for you to host and distribute your online videos.

Not only that, but your videos can be optimized to rank high in the search engines – giving your business immediate exposure to potential customers.
Imagine someone in your local area doing a Google search for your type of product or service… and then your video pops up.

Do you think they’ll click on it? Yes!

Videos get much more attention than most forms of online media, which explains why it’s a “must-have” if you really want to connect with your existing and potential customers.
Not only that, but videos easily “go viral,” meaning they are shared by other viewers.
Studies show that approximately 90% of consumers who like an online video always share it with their friends.
Imagine how much extra exposure that will bring to your business – with no additional efforts on your part!
Online videos also make it easy to cross-sell your product or service. You are allowed to place a link and/or strong call to action at the end of your video, so you can sell even more.
There are several different styles of video that can be used and in order to really capitalize on them, you should try different versions.

Here’s a short list to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Create a “Welcome” Message for Your Website – this will allow you to introduce yourself and your products/services to your website visitors. You can even do a tour of your business facilities to give your audience an “insider view” of your business. They will warm-up to you and start to feel like they already know you.
  • Create “How-To” Educational Videos – this will allow you to bond with your target audience by giving them valuable information that they can use.
  • Create “Interview-Style” Videos – this will allow your visitors to learn even more about you and your business. Use the interview to answer some of the questions that your potential market would have when it comes to your industry. You can have your staff interview you or you can interview your staff- whatever makes sense for your business.
  • Create “Commercial” Videos – this will allow you to sell your product or service online 24/7 on complete auto-pilot. Similar to TV commercials, online video commercials can be used to quickly promote your product or service.

Ask Your Satisfied Customers to Create Video Testimonials – this will allow you to easily provide “social proof” using the power of video. Showing live video coverage of one of your happy customers will boost your conversion rates.

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