What is SENukeXCr?

Senuke XCrSENukeXCr also known as SenukeX Crowded is a incredible tool of which you can become a savvy SEO expert.
This program has been created to help its users in a number of ways. It is user friendly so it will not be much confusing even though you are a new user and have never used it  before. Now, even if you are at loss at how to start with this software, we are right here to help you presenting the website SENukebonus.net as they are offering you free SENukeXCr tutorials online with every purchase.
They are always up-to-date and therefore you will come across tutorials on how you can use SENukeXCr for your best advantage.

SENukeXCr comes packed with a lot of tool types to create backlinks on different platforms, such as RSS syndication, social networking, forum profiles, social bookmarking, article directories, web 2.0, press release and the new additions: wiki, pdf, wordpress and google places.

Google Places: you can stay above the other local competitors by dominating local SERPs.
Upload your documents in PDF format and create link diversity by sharing it in host sites, a WordPress module with the help of which you can update your WordPress blogs and Wiki Projects to post on various kinds of wiki, everything with just a few clicks!

Do you have a special offer? Yes, of course!

SENukebonus.net is in special position to offer you an  amazing bonus, if you buy SENukeXCr through it!
Jonathan Leger, the creator of many of the best tools out there, is offering The Best Spinner and Article Builder, a must have for all of those who are seriously involved in internet marketing.

Both tools are heavily integrated with SENukeXCr and will help you to create your backlink campaigns faster and easier!
When you purchase SENukeXCr in SENukebonus.net, you will be offered both tools, worth $374/year, absolutely free!
In details: ‘The Best Spinner’ worth $77 for every year and $297/year for ‘Article Builder’ , you get both absolutely free for as long as you have an active SenukeXCr subscription.

Not only that, as I have talked about before, you will also be getting free SENuke Training tutorials or should we say ‘Webinars’ by the General Manager Amin Motin.
He is going to show you ropes how you can use SENukeXCr and use it to its maximum limit to secure a top position for your website in search engines.
These tutorials are not available and are not offered anywhere else.
They are only available to those who purchase SENuke through this website.

After you have purchased a copy of SENukeXCr, you need to copy your complete receipt into a supporting ticket at this site – www.askjonleger.com.
Go to the SENuke XCr promotional department in that site and voila, you will get access to your free bonus in no time at all.

More details here, don’t wait any longer, secure your copy today!!

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11 Responses to What is SENukeXCr?

  1. WatsonD

    Jonathan is a legend!!!!!!!

    • MATFlawless

      Absolutely, he is!!

  2. Karin The Gotcha

    Did you bought Senuke from senukebonus.net? Is it safe? How good are their tutorials?

    • MATFlawless

      Of course I did, supersafe and their tutorials are one of best you can find in the net!

  3. Henderson

    Nice post.

  4. Kenneth

    Youre so cool but not as cool as Jona is 😛

    • MATFlawless

      haha thanks!

  5. ComptonKillah

    Thanks for the recommendation, I will give a look 🙂


  6. SummerSEO

    I have Senuke already, too bad 🙁

  7. MammaMiaTaDa

    Suppah cool offer mate, did you tried articlebuilder?

    • MATFlawless

      One of my favorite tool as I use it pretty often with SenukeXCr, it’s not very cheap but it worth the price.
      Articles generated are good enough for your linking purpose, if you need more info contact me privately.

      Have a nice day!