What Makes a Good Video?

What makes a good video?The purpose of your video is to encourage prospects and customers to watch, remember, and share, which means that quality counts.
Whether you are shooting your own, using customer submitted pieces, or hiring a professional, here are the main things to look out for:

  • Lighting – Video cameras need good quality light to produce appealing images.
    Overheads cast unattractive shadows, so your best bet is either professional lighting equipment or equivalent substitutes, such as strong lamps aimed at the subject.
    Alternatively, choose natural light, depending on the topic of your production.
  • Audio – Beware of video that has inaudible or overbearing sound, and ensure that background noise does not muffle or distort the message.
    Ideally, use USB microphones plugged into the computer or those designed to attach to the camera, as these effective options ensure only the sounds you want are included.
  • Content – “Practice, practice, practice” if you or a staff member will appear in the video.
    More rehearsal guarantees more comfort with the material, minimizing awkwardness, stiff delivery, and the impression that you are reading from a script.
  • Length – Studies show that you will lose 10% of your audience after 10 seconds, and another 40% after 30 seconds, so keep it short and sweet.
    Put the important information up front, and keep your viewer engaged by getting to the point right away. If you have more to say, consider a series of short videos, rather than one long one.
  • Placement – A quality overview clip in your marketing email will raise your click-through rates.
    Bring customers to your website and keep them there, with your video series sprinkled liberally throughout.
    For example, include your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) video near the text version of your FAQs.  Also, put your “How-To” videos next to your product description.
  • Selection – Ensure your video content reaches your intended market by testing it on your customers.
    Offer several versions and provide the opportunity to select and share their favorite, guaranteeing something for everyone.
  • Relevance – Most important of all, make sure your video is relevant to your message, whether it’s product promotion or information distribution.
    Nothing is more frustrating to online visitors than clicking on content that doesn’t live up to its promise.

As you consider your video content, keep the following points in mind as studied by the Jun Group in 2011:

  • People like comedy.
    Videos intended to be funny (40% of videos studied) resulted in three times as many follow-up hits on the sponsoring businesses website.
  • Celebrity doesn’t sell.
    Though 10% of the videos studied included appearances by television and movie stars, they actually resulted in 12% less Facebook “likes” than the 90% non-celebrity pieces.
  • KISS – Keep It Short and Sweet.
    With videos of 16 – 60 seconds making up 90% of content, you would think that length brings success, but not so. Videos of 15 seconds or less resulted in 153% more click through.

To increase the likelihood that your visitor or email recipient will view your video, include a play button right on the screen or automatically transport the viewer to the linked viewing website.

Keep costs down by offering video through playback sites that already possess infrastructure.
You can avoid the expense of storing files locally on your web server, and you can pass along the cost of transcoding videos for playback by uploading to a video host such as YouTube or Flickr.

Approach video marketing as an adventure – an opportunity to get a step ahead of the competition and reach a wider audience.
Video marketing is on the rise and isn’t expected to go away any time soon.

Now that you have a better understanding about how Video Marketing can help boost your sales, it’s time to get started with your video marketing campaign.


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