Why You Need a Good Hosting Service

When people think about choosing a hosting service they immediately look at the cost first and the features second. In fact you want to reverse this.
By looking at the features of each hosting service you can decide if the price merits this amount or not?

Unfortunately hosting services come with a multitude of options and features. Sometimes trying to decipher these can be frustrating. To narrow down your choices you want to compare various services. This way you can clearly see what options you are getting with each.

Hosting services are available for free or as a paid service. Now free is often good and there is nothing wrong with this option. But when it comes to hosting your own website I would highly recommend you go for a paid hosting service.

Free hosting would be suitable for testing out a site or service first. Or if you want to just put up a family page you could choose free hosting. Just remember with anything free it could disappear on you though, just a friendly warning!

A good paid one can run you anywhere from a few bucks up to hundreds of dollars. With such a difference in the price range you want to look at the features each service is offering.

This is where it helps to try and plan out your website beforehand. You can then calculate just how much bandwidth and storage capacity you need. If you are running a business then having your pages load quickly is important. So is having the capability to allow people to download gifts or products from your site. You don’t want to run into issues because you suddenly get too many visitors to your site!

Some of the top services are Hostgator and Blue Host but there are hundreds of others to choose from. Some of the key items to look for include looking at reliability issues. This includes things like customers complaining about too much downtime or having major security issues.

Customer service is another crucial element. If something goes wrong you want to know that your hosting service will fix it quickly. Having access to a ticket support system or online customer service support should be among your top priorities.

Make sure you fully understand the type of hosting service you are buying. Can you install multiple domains or only one? Plus I would advise you on having the ability to upgrade your account easily.

By taking the time to think and plan your website you can choose your hosting service accordingly. You definitely don’t want to have to move services!

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Is Free Hosting Reliable?

Many new marketers choose free hosting when they first set up a website or blog. Obviously the no cost aspect is appealing and it does allow you to get content online fast. The question that remains is , is free hosting reliable enough or should you go with a paid hosting option?

A free account will allow you to set up your webpage quickly so that you can start sharing content with your family and friends. However, if you are running a business bear in mind that a free service will often place advertisements on your site. These ads cannot be removed and can make your site look less professional.

Hosting reliability should be a key concern when choosing any type of hosting account. You want to be certain that your website is always up and running. Of course even the best hosting companies can have downtime. But you want to use a hosting provider which offers the least amount of downtime as possible.

Free hosting can suddenly disappear for hours or even days on end! Is this something that you are prepared for? Plus if you haven’t backed up your content you can lose everything. This could be valuable photos of family memories or important business documents.

All providers will have certain terms and conditions that you must adhere too. With a free service you are not contributing to their monthly income. So if you unmistakably do something outside of their terms they can easily shut your site down. 

One good use of free hosting is for running an experiment or test. If you want to experiment with a certain feature or product you can this at no cost. Once you have compiled your results you can decide whether or not you want to go with a paid service.

Mind you free doesn’t not always mean inferior. You can get hosting with sites like wordpress and blogger. These hosting companies offer great looking websites with thousands of themes available for users.  But even these have ads on them. Plus it is quite common for people to suddenly lose their blog overnight for no apparent reason.

If you truly want peace of mind over your website and want to wake up each day knowing that your site is there, then a paid service is your answer.  For any information that you want hosted on the web on a temporary basis then by all means use free hosting for as long as necessary.

Where to Find Cheap Hosting

Everyone today wants to save money and this includes trying to find cheap hosting for your website. Paid hosting is a great way to go and if you can save money on hosting fees then why not?

To save money on hosting you can look for a hosting company that offers a free trial for 30 days. This allows you to install your website and test out the features and functions that they offer.

If you go this route then make sure you test out their customer service department. See how long it takes for a support ticket or question to be answered. Can you call them or do they have an online support chat system?

During this time look into the features that your hosting company offers. Do they allow you to install a shopping cart or PHP scripts? Try to think ahead about what features you may require in the future and see if they cater to them.

Another way to find cheap hosting is to look for specials from hosting service providers. Many times you can find a coupon code that can save you a lot of money on hosting services.

You can also reduce your hosting costs by pre-paying in advance. Normally the more months or years that you pay for the cheaper your hosting becomes.

For example at Hostgator if you commit to a 3 year plan your costs will work out to just $3.96 per month. This gives you unlimited disk space, bandwidth and a shared SSL secure server.

You do need to be careful when looking for cheap hosting. The saying you get what you pay for is very true. Some hosting services may offer cheap, cheap prices but there is normally some downfall to this somewhere. They may not have a very good support system. If you encounter problems you will have to try and fix them yourself.  This has the potential of having your website offline for hours if not days.

The best method for cheap hosting would be to look for coupons to use. If you can possibly afford to pay months in advance this is another very good option.  By doing your homework you can compare various hosting providers and narrow down your choices. Plus don’t forget to ask fellow online marketers or businesses what hosting company they recommend. Word of mouth referrals are very powerful!

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