WP BadBot: Make nasty bots work for you!

WP BadBot LogoEvery single day your wordpress blog is under attack from good, bad and just plain bots.
These bots can doing anything from duplicating your content, to spamming your post with low quality junk comments in attempt to get an easy backlink.
These nasty bots can turn your quality wordpress website into a wasteland of spam comments while they steal your hard earned content and then spread it to hundreds of competitor blogs.

WP Bad Bot takes a big problem and turns it into a BIG advantage

WP BadBot

WP Bad Bot takes the advantage of these web leeches by repurposing them before they even enter your website.

WP Bad Bot has a directory of hundreds bot footprints that are updated weekly that it recognizes and can repurpose
for your benefits.

Once one of these bots attempt to enter your website, WP Bad Bot can then redirect them anywhere you choose.

In return your videos, profiles and articles rank higher within internal searches as well as in Google.

You can also flip a simple setting and that will put WP Bad Bot into Fish Bait mode.

Fish Bait mode will secretly attract these bots to your website so you get even more views to your site of choise!

WP BadBot -

WP BadBot --


WP Bad Bot require latest ionCube version to run. 
Ioncube is standard on 90% of web servers but some host do not automatically upgrade this.
Please file a support ticket with your host to upgrade your ioncube, it’s something they can do in 5 minutes.

Will this block the Google bots and end up killing your site?
WP Bad Bot allow Google and all other Search Engine “friendly bots” to pass freely.
ORDER NOW (edit: 26 Mar, 2012 – accepting new orders again soon) and get a SPECIAL PRICE – $12 instead of $17!
Just for a few days with 3 personal use license! (three website license)

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