Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media has in the last few years been of great benefit not only to individual’s personal life but also to the business community.
Those who embraced social media and have been using it have reaped much benefit from social media marketing.
This article is dedicated to inform you how you can profit from social media marketing.

Millions of people use social media such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, create a brand image in these social sites to help people know that your business exists.
You can create an entertaining yet informational video to attract a huge attention about your products and services.

These will also go a long way in enhancing brand loyalty.

Follow your competitors on these social media platforms learn what they are doing or planning to launch to be ahead of them.
Social media helps in engaging the customers, ask for their opinions about your products and services and improve on what they want improved.

Such engagement and speaking to your clients in a personal way help build a lasting relationship and you gain trust that leads to loyal clients.
When launching a new product or even an existing product you can feature it on the social media sites to attract attention from the huge clientele base.

If you want to increase your sales you can offer promotions along your products and it will get a good attention.
Through the social media you can conduct a market research fast and cheaply. See what your customers are saying about your products and services and you will eventually learn what their needs are.
By responding to your clients questions as well as concerns in an effective and fast manner, you will boost your customer service and hence increase customer satisfaction. To get a better idea on what auto-responder works best check this article to compare ActiveCampaign vs Drip.

This method is cheap and saves your company the costs of calling your customers.

Advantages and Disadvantages Associated with Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining internet traffic, publicity or attention through the use of social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, YouTube, Google+, My space etc.
Social Media Marketing has proven to be a very effective tool for marketers as it provides them with a way to communicate with potential customers.

This type of marketing has several advantages as well as disadvantages.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is cheaper when compared to the traditional methods of marketing such as print,outdoor and television.
In addition, most social media charge on pay per clicks thus marketers are assured of value for money.

Social Media Marketing allows the marketer to have a deeper engagement with potential clients as they are able to build a relationship with their customers in addition to giving them an opportunity to give their brand a personality.

Social media also enables marketers get quick, honest and genuine feedback and also answer questions and give clarifications.
This is advantages it enables marketers to learn about customers and their perceptions on the products and services being marketed.

Through use of Social Media Marketing,marketers would be able to spread information about their products and services easily and quickly through word of mouth as social media is where most customers are.
Social sites such as Facebook has millions of users and it would be unwise for any marketer to ignore it.

Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing

SMM is a long term strategy as it can take months or even years before it translates into increased sales and customer loyalty.

This makes it a time consuming method as the marketer needs to constantly update their pages and answer customers’ queries.

This form of marketing is never encouraged as it can lead to negative comments which can result in a public backlash that could damage the brand reputation leading to total product or service failure.

SMM leads to loss of control to the marketers as anything they post is open to comments and criticism.

Social media provides an opportunity for rival companies to post negative comments and criticize the product or service.


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