Social Media Power: Surveys

SurveyGetting Information, know what your customers want/expect from you
Use surveys to ask your customers what they want you to offer next.
Maybe they are expecting you to sell some new product or offer some new service.

Get opinions about new plans
Are you planning some big change in your company, products, and/or services? Then ask your customers what they think about it.
See how they will react.

Get feedback on new things you tried
Did you recently make some changes? See how your customers are faring with the changes that you made. Do they like it? Or do they hate it?
Do they have suggestions that you might want to take note of?

Get feedback on products you sold
See how your customers like the products that you sold. You will want to hear both the negative and the positive feedbacks.
This will give you an idea on how to improve the products that you will sell in the future.

Doing Surveys Right

Make surveys short
Viewers will immediately back down upon seeing long survey questions with lengthy paragraphs and endless choices.
Keep your surveys looking short and viewers will most likely be willing to participate.

Make survey questions short, detailed, concise, and complete
The question and the choices does not have to be lengthy. Just be concise. This is how your subscribers will like it.
Surveys like this one get more attention.

Keep the list of choices short
Avoid having more than four choices for each question.

Pin/Star survey posts
This feature is available in Facebook. You can ‘star’ or ‘pin’ a post to make it more visible and more noticeable.
When you post a survey question, you should either make it a Starred post of a Pinned post – assuming that you are using Facebook.

Advertising Your Survey

Write in header box that you are holding a survey
Let people know that you are holding a survey. The header box should advertise this. In a Facebook group account, this is the ‘About’ page.
Write something like: “We are currently holding a survey. We will appreciate your participation.
It will only take a few seconds/minutes.”

Advertise in main website that you are holding a survey
You can assume that a lot of people are also viewing your main/official website.
In your main website, you can say something like: “Please join the survey we are holding in our Facebook page.”

Advertise survey through RSS feed
Preset your RSS page to occasionally publish a reminder that tells your subscribers to join your survey.

Encourage people to join via newsletter
Newsletter maybe the oldest method in the book. But it is still an effective online marketing strategy.
Invite people via newsletter to join your survey. You might as well provide a link to the survey page.

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