Some old SEO Basic Tips

SEO BasicsSEO has been created as a technique meant to bring to your site an increased traffic in its natural course.
Some tips will be described in these lines that will help you get a higher ranking inside the search engines.
Whenever a SEO is well managed on your website it will get high ranking and as such it will bring in many visitors as well as potential customers.

Further on there are some tips on SEO basics and concepts:

1. Keywords – they are the most important piece of the search engine optimization – SEO.
The main search engines (Google and Bing) will look into your keywords and will agree with your rank accordingly.
How can you get an effective SEO with the use of keywords?

Just keep on reading:

* your website should have the keywords in the Title contained on the page, the URL of the site, H1 – Header 1 and a density of 2 to 4% throughout the text content.

* there are less sought keywords than others.
Once you get the keywords that are more searched will bring in more visitors.

* some keywords are more competitive while others are less.
With less competitive keywords there will be a higher rank on the main search engines – Google and Bing.

2. Back Links – are important pieces that belong to off-site SEO Basics.
Having more back links it will get you on top of the search engines at a higher level. Make sure to get back links from higher ranked pages as these ones will end up being very valuable to your site.

3. Content – it is seen as the most important SEO Basics.
Having good content is on the liking of the search engines that will reward your site with high ranking. Therefore you should follow these directions:

* the website to have a relevant content.
* each page should consist of more than 400 words.
* the keywords must be contained in the text and spread thoroughly in it.

4. Images – they can be very representative for your website and its content.
The presence of images takes the text out of its boredom limits. For SEO it is also beneficial as the search engines will know that the content will always be backed up by the explanatory presence of images.

* you can name the images with keywords such as red-car.jpg or blue-hat.jpg for the SEO efficiency.
Connecting an image to the keyword of the text is another helping hand to raise the ranking for your website traffic.

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