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pinterestThe allure of spending more time with family and friends and pursuing your goals and dreams gives credence to developing an online opportunity for making money and expanding your bank account.  The traditional 9-5 hours are not as appealing to workers and internet businesses are solving many of those issues that demand time and money and increase your stress levels to almost unbearable levels. 

With economic downturns prevalent throughout the business environment, many entrepreneurs are turning to web-based businesses and are using the internet to drive their profits to higher levels than they ever expected.  Businesses can be run while you are sitting at home in your pajamas, sipping that extra cup of coffee. You can avoid all the stresses of the workplace as you work from the comfort of your own home. As you prepare your business plans, marketing strategies, and goals, don’t overlook the power that Pinterest has to offer you company. The account will be free and can prevent you from investing precious dollars into marketing and advertising that is available with some research, a little quality time investment, and the click of your mouse.

One of the most popular social media sites today is called Pinterest.  Pinterest is growing faster than any other website on the internet today because of its phenomenal high traffic driving abilities.  This site is still in its early stages of development but people seeking online businesses are clamoring to this site to make those extra dollars that have the possibility of turning into steady incomes in a short period of time.

Currently, reports are showing that over a million visitors patronize this website per month.  Even though Pinterest was launched in March of 2009, by September 2012, the company had over 20 million users which made it the fastest growing internet website in history.  Other websites with this growth history tend to attract men under the age of 35 but 65 % of all Pinterest users are female who are responsible for over 85% of the traffic on the site.  More than half of them are over 35 years old which means that more well-established woman, many of whom are searching to make money on the internet, are the most loyal visitors.  Studies show that the average purchase made by someone coming to a website from Pinterest was $180 while purchases from customers coming from other social media spent a mere $85.  Pinterest is a strong creative catalyst that can be used to drive business to your website.

Setting up a Pinterst account with your own personal boards on the site is fast, easy, and free!  This is a social site and that means that a lot of people will be spending a lot of time looking at your ideas.  Some of the most important reasons to use Pinterest to promote your business are practical and affordable.  Even if your business is not located in the viewer’s area, remember that Pinterest is still developing and an area-specific facet to this fast growing website could be on the future drawing boards at Pinterest.  This site does not involve continual maintenance. We know that word-of-mouth advertising is the most economical method of promoting products and services and you can cash in on that adage by setting up your boards on Pinterest as soon as possible.  The Pinterest website will operate like a traffic light or sign for your business. From Pinterst, the potential customer will click to your business website to view your product and make their purchases. The traffic light/sign will drive new leads and customers directly to you. This could be the marketing tool that you have been seeking.  

Many people are influenced by the images that they see on Pinterest and use them to plan special events in their lives.  Pinterest is a virtual board that allows you to find things that you like and keep them or add them to your own boards. By using pictures, you can share your interests with others and, more importantly, can promote your business with a visually alluring dynamic. You can visit the boards of others, find things you like there, and display them for your friends and others to see.  It is a virtual dream, if you will, that captures your dreams, your desires, and your designs for things you someday hope to have. 

This site is well suited for marketers whose female audience can be influenced by visuals to do business online with them.  It is possible to make a lot of money and with a few easy steps and knowledge of how to promote your business with blogs, tutorials, and things that appeal to a primarily female audience.   Many ecommerce businesses are already making the move to market their goods and services on Pinterest.  Pinned photos are beginning to serve as advertisements for those companies and the 20 million users are driving up sales in an impressive way.  If you are searching for a way to make your bottom line more profitable, choose a company that is among the top 30 websites being perused by customers today.   You will need a Pinterest account, need to understand the basics, and then you too can draw traffic to your site. 

To market your products on Pinterest, you have to create boards that are attractive, appealing and alluring to the potential customer.  These boards are really little showrooms or windows that you will use to showcase your products.  To get started, make sure your images and photographs are clear, beautiful, and eye-catching.  When customers come to your board, research shows that they will spend no more than 90 seconds with you unless something catches their eye be it copy or photography. If the traffic to your site is not growing or if it is mediocre, then you are not targeting and capturing your audience as well you should.  You have to capture their attention immediately and tell them how you can solve their problem quickly and easily!  Illustrate as best you can just how your goods and services can remedy a particular problem.  Use the best creative and catching content that you can communicate.

Your business goal is to find a need and fill it or solve some issue that a customer is experiencing.  Your business will fix their problem in a satisfactory way that for them will be easy, convenient, and secure. 

You can’t just pin up pictures and hope that someone drops in and amazingly decides they need what you are providing.  Just like in the traditional business world, you must network.  Don’t become someone who is constantly just promoting you! You must work on building a community for yourself and your business.  Make friends, invite followers, and use Facebook and Twitter as allies for your campaign to increase your profits.  Use your contacts to help you to promote your business for you. It helps if others see your products as useful, reliable, and reputable.  Make a plan and work your plan.  Every person with whom you come in contact knows at least seven people. In the world of instant and global communication, they probably know at least 50!  All of those people know 50 and so on goes the growth of your community.  Just as with any other marketing tool, you will want to learn all the ins and outs of how this site can work more effectively for you.  Don’t push too hard, be yourself, but put in the hard work at the beginning and then you can reap your rewards. Connect with other pinners and bloggers who have already established themselves on Pinterest and you can maximize their followers for your business as well.  If you can influence someone to “repin” an idea that you have, an entire new list of followers will have access to your business website. Besides being inspired by the images that catch their eyes, they will find your business that can help them in ways they never even thought about.  The larger a following that you develop, the more traffic you will have coming to your business website. 

The adage, a picture is worth a thousand words, is especially true on Pinterest   In today’s fast-paced world, customers do not have hours to spend searching for products that will make their lives easier or their problems a piece of cake to solve.  For this reason, the product description you include to depict for your product must be concise, clear, and to the point.  You are allowed only 500 characters to tell what your product is, why the customer needs it, and how they can get to your website to purchase this product from you.  Share your ideas about the product or have a testimonial from a member of your Pinterest community better state the benefits of what you are offering.  Satisfied customers can really advance your sales by their positive comments. If someone else has already purchased from you and had a good experience, then others will be more willing to do business with you too.

You’ve heard the saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”  By promoting your business on Pinterest, you are showing just how refreshing your water is, the benefits of taking a long, cool drink, and the results of stopping to rest and refresh their minds.  It’s up to them to reach in and take the plunge onto your business website.  Pinterest resembles a “girl’s night out” where the atmosphere is relaxed and casual.  Pinterest appeals to the artsy, pretty, and creative side of the consumer.  Don’t make the mistake of pushing a sales pitch immediately.  If the pins you have are clearly a marketing strategy, people will be turned off and pass you by quickly for something more appealing.  Pins that push and promote are not conducive to buyers on this site.  A more subtle approach is required.  If someone approached you on your leisure time and tried to make a sale, chances are you would not be interested. On the other hand, if you were strolling along leisurely doing some window shopping, the results might be just the opposite.  If the customer shows interest in your product, then you can proceed with informing of what your business is about, what you can do for them, and how they can safely and securely purchase from you. 

 Demonstrate that you have a variety of interests and that others’ ideas are also important to you. Don’t just pin your company’s images on your board; include some attractive photos from other users also.  Users are very savvy when it comes to sniffing out money makers on the move!  All of us want to popular in some realm of our life so by reaching out to others and making them feel special, you are improving your personal touch which will carry others to pin your ideas and likes too.  If you are going to promote your business, you cannot be a selfish bully that demands users visit your website to immediately purchase your products.  If people were making thousands of dollars overnight, everyone would be jumping into this ecommerce opportunity.  Like anything else in life, you will get out of Pinterest what you devote and put into it.  Carefully craft your boards to show users you care about what you are doing and are serious about your ideas.  It also shows self-confidence and self-worth which are important attributes when you are dealing with customers.  If it’s worth doing and doing correctly, it’s also worth the wait. Don’t expect overnight results. 

The easiest way to direct customers to your business site is to develop links that allow users to click on your pins and be directed to your website to learn more about that picture and product.  Use different views, colors, and descriptions. When they arrive at your website, you should have more beautiful pictures of the image that brought them to your site in the first place.  You want them to imagine how this product will look in their home, where they can place it, and how much better it will make their life.  Show your products in home settings which will personalize the use of the product for the potential customer. This is the perfect place for more customer reviews.  Success breeds success and success promotes additional business!

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