The Power of Pinterest 2

pinterestSecond part of  The Power of Pinterest.

As you design your Pinterest boards, keep the perfect client in mind.  Try to imagine how they will first view your collection of pins and what will catch their interest the quickest.  Use photos that are informative, inspirational, and inviting.  You want them to be interested in the quality represented here so they will be driven to your business website.  You cannot understand the power of a photo.  The personality of your business will be represented in the selections you make for your Pinterent boards. Appealing to a potential customer begins with portraying quality and attention to details in your presentations.  If users can get a visual “feel” for what you are providing in your business they will be more likely to purchase from you.  Customers are seeking honesty, straight-forwardness, and security when making online purchases.  Be authentic in your collections of pins and this authenticity will adequately inform the customer you are a trusted internet entrepreneur.  Running an online marketing strategy means directing traffic to your business web site, expanding your contacts, and turning visitors to your site into customers who purchase, spread the positive word about your business, and come back for repeat business.

Knowledge is power and by employing the power of Pinterest, you can expand your business into a successful enterprise   Let’s use a remodeling project as a concrete example of how Pinterest can work for your business. Historically, when people had remodeling projects they wanted to accomplish, they kept pictures from magazines together in folders so they could pull them out at any time and update their ideas to more current trends.  Pinterest now provides hundreds of images that the project-oriented person can pin and catalog into a scrapbook type of format.  You have the capability of sharing these images with others who might have already completed the same remodeling project and can offer realistic and practical suggestions that will make your project go more smoothly.  If your business should be one that a user found and used successfully, they will be sure to share that experience with the user just getting ready to begin the project.  They will have all the pertinent contact information and more importantly, can give feedback on how the project proceeded, your professionalism, and your customer service record.  This is a lead that will bring an already positively influenced customer to your business site. They are ready for you to help them and are much more willing to do business with a company that has been tried and tested.  

Pinterest can give you the format to demonstrate to others that you are an expert, you have experience, and you have the knowledge that they want. By tapping into the growing community of Pinterest users, you will be encountering more online savvy shoppers who are looking for those products in which they are interested and excited about.  Like a competent tour guide, your Pinterest boards will lead users to your business where they can carefully and casually see what the excitement on your website is all about.  Excitement always draws a crowd and by bringing that crowd to your online business, you will be on the cutting edge of technology and ecommerce. Pinterest has developed into a business tool that can increase your online business exponentially.  Ideas, dreams, and thoughts of users are visualized and held for future references. 

Facebook, blog, and twitter users can drive additional traffic to your boards and ultimately your business website.  You may not prefer to use the social scene for marketing, but guiding people who are already online and comfortable with using the internet for shopping as well as social interactions is a smart strategy.  Target potential customers by using as many of the social media outlets as possible and keep updated on the current trends and tools. 

Consumers today shop on-the-go and 24/7, so your business marketing plan must have provisions for reaching this mobile crowd.  They want to be served in a professional way and, rest assured, the will share this seamless transaction with all of their friends. With the internet, we get instant results for our needs and demands; customers are no different in that they want to find things easily, quickly, and without hassles. They want descriptions that appeal to them and grab their interest.  Make sure customers locate you, your Pinterest boards, and your business in the multitude of other websites clamoring for their attention.   Winning the search game is what Pinterest business opportunities are all about. Make it easy for people to find you.  You must have keywords for search engines placed in just the right place for optimal results.  You will find that when you arrive at the top of the Google search, you have found the proverbial gold at the end of the rainbow.  SEO or search engine optimization is the key to successful searches.   Know what your product and its appropriate keyword placement. This will cause users to share your pin over and over and will drive business to your business link.  After all, a user is trying to save time and money when shopping online.  Trying to navigate through a maze of instructions and functions that don’t work properly will cause them to leave and go to a more accommodating website.  Pinterest’s quickly growing and expanding user base is a gold mine of customers just waiting on the perfect idea or product.  Invest your time, your skills, and your creative spirit and make these talents work for you!  Using Pinterest boards as a marketing tool will afford you an economical, creative, and easy way to promote your business and increase your sales.  An available mobile app will place a buying tool right into the hands of consumers and that means your business can reach them anytime and anywhere. Your ecommerce business will be on the go right along-side your customer!

By making your Pinterest boards work for your business, you will be getting in on the ground floor of one of the most explosive marketing tools today.  Give attention to details, develop good solid content that is authentic, and maximize your keyword placement so high traffic will grow and expand your website.  You can have more time for your family, your hobbies and your interests one of which, Pinterest, can generate dollars for your bottom line.  Avoiding the rat race of a shrinking workplace environment can easily be one of the rewards you reap from developing your online ecommerce adventure with Pinterest.  You CAN make profits from Pinterest.   The dream you have of running a business from your home can truly become a reality.  Just construct a careful plan, allow for all types of scenarios, and address your client’s concerns before the even arise.  The power of Pinterest is a tool that you can use effectively to expand your business and increase your profits beyond your wildest dreams.

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